Iron Keep - Single Map WAD

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Iron Keep - Single Map WAD

Post by knightoftherealm »

My first finished map, made to be compatible with GZDoom and requires Doom 2 IWAD.

This is a single, moderately sized map. It features standard Doom run-and-gun gameplay. It uses standard Doom enemy roster with the following monster changes:
- Zombiemen can now fire up to 3 shots
- Archviles' attacks are now a projectile that slightly home in towards the player
- Barons have more health and can fire multiple projectiles at once

Weapons remain unchanged. Jumping and crouching are disabled, freelook is enabled.
Balanced entirely around UV difficulty. Meant to be a moderate challenge.

I have sector light mode set to "Bright", so some areas might be too dark with other options.




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