Doom Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender 2.9+

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Doom Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender 2.9+

Post by ChroniclerOfLegends »

The older addons have been broken since Blender 2.8 so I wrote a new addon for sprite batch rendering.
Should work on versions of blender 2.9+

What it does:
Render a 3d model from 8 or 16 directions and name the images in the zdoom format automatically.
Also has a few additional buttons/settings to make the process easier. ... atchRender

Disclaimer: I'm a noob at Blender scripting so there may be some issues. I'm using the addon for my own mod so expect updates as I find things to fix.
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Re: Doom Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender 2.9+

Post by cce »

Just wanted to let you know I've updated my script and it works fine in Blender 2.9. Sorry for being unresponsive earlier.
Edit: Oh and I really like the cool features in your version. Especially the anti-aliasing switch, super handy!

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