PooP: Fartyguns - V1.08 released

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Captain J
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Re: PooP: Fartyguns - V1.08 released

Post by Captain J »

Noticed that on ZDoom Discord Server. Congratulations on your mod being noticed by papa Vinny! Along with Marisa's Abort he featured, this has a lot of effort and actual care for genuine fun shitpost humor.

Today's episode of Gettin' Doom With It wasn't too much of an impact until he featured said mods. Felt like they comforted him during all the terry's CBT moments :P
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Re: PooP: Fartyguns - V1.08 released

Post by Recurracy »

i do have the idea he was genuinely disgusted by it though lmao, which only makes it that funnier
i do admit im a bit peeved he just idkfa'd and messed around with the weapons a little like id imagine most people would, but its to be expected i suppose, these segments arent supposed to be indepth analyses from what ive seen
besides i dont think vinny would be able to look past all the shit and farts and would just take it all at face value
still the fact it was featured on fucking vinesauce of all things, im so psyched like you wouldnt believe, i was crying laughing the entire time
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Re: PooP: Fartyguns - V1.08 released

Post by DELTAtheDboi005 »

I downloaded this SHIT almost instantly! and I'm a piece of SHIT for not knowing about this mod sooner! :lol:

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