[Universal] Inventory Keeper : Usefuler Edition [Up. 2/7/20]

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Lord Misfit
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Re: [Universal] Inventory Keeper : Usefuler Edition [Up. 2/7

Post by Lord Misfit »

So, I found a critical issue via debugging that involves loading a save game after dying and then exiting causing the "resurrect" checks to occur on exit, even though you reloaded the game after dying. It seems like your checks, or something else, isn't unsetting the fact the player died previously, even when loading a save game after death, and whatever it is [engine issue or mod oversight], causes the resurrect stuff to trigger. o.o

If you have stuff set to not keep across resets/death-exits, it removes all of those things when you exit and transition to the next level [it also resets your health to 100 regardless since there's nothing in this for keeping health intact, even through resetinventory/resethealth, though I know that wasn't your intention] regardless of ResetInventory or not.

Because of this, the player in this situation, if they have died at all in the level since starting up the engine, has to make sure to save a game at the exit, exit the engine and then restart the engine and load that game to NOT get their stuff reset on the next level transition, regardless of if the incoming level using ResetInventory or not.

I notice it's been a while since your last real update on this, but this might be important for people using the minimod, and it's a bit bleh for me since I was using your code as a base for a mod of my own where I wanted to get around ResetInventory, and this bug is just as prevalent in my version since I'm not sure right now what I could do to prevent the issue.

If you can look at this issue, PM me and I can send you the "debugger" version (which I mostly just have messages with a debug var set to on in the mod to list things at various phases of each process in your code, which is how I came to this conclusion). That said, I would recommend you considering having debug messages in anything in the future in case something borks. It makes things lot easier to follow to finding out what's gone wrong, and I personally feel it to be a godsend in bigger projects. o.o
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Re: [Universal] Inventory Keeper : Usefuler Edition [Up. 2/7

Post by Nems »

Looks like the author of the mod is long gone but I wanted to go ahead and report a bug in case someone wants to continue this.

I was using this alongside LedIris's Generic Mod. On a previous level I was playing through, I picked up a mega armor and managed to die a few times before hitting the exit switch. That blue armor carried over to the next level. On the next level, I got my mega armor down to less than one hundred and tried to pick up a green armor. However, it wouldn't let me for some reason.
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Re: [Universal] Inventory Keeper : Usefuler Edition [Up. 2/7

Post by EddieMann »

Does this work with maps like Unloved?
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Re: [Universal] Inventory Keeper : Usefuler Edition [Up. 2/7

Post by Plasmazippo »

I don't see why it wouldn't. This mod works even in Ashes Afterglow and its weapons pack in wads like Eviternity, which wipe your inventory even if you enable god mode at the end of the episode to avert the death exit.

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