Snap the Sentinel (v2.4) ~ EPISODE 1

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Re: Snap the Sentinel (v2.4) ~ EPISODE 1

Post by gennoveus »

Void Warrior wrote: Wed Feb 15, 2023 2:35 am
gennoveus wrote: Tue Feb 14, 2023 8:51 pm So glad to see work is still being done on this masterpiece. You should really consider a commercial release; a developer of your calibre making games this good should be receiving payment so you can do it full time. I'd buy it at full price in an instant.

EDIT: Oops! Sorry! I already said this before and you did mention a Steam release. So exciting! But this is a bit embarrassing - sorry for repeating myself. At least you can measure my enthusiasm for the idea :D Thanks again
Will There Be A Steam Release? If yes, then good! And then I thought that only on " " it will only be possible to purchase. :)
to quote the man himself just a few posts up, in response to my question about a Steam release:
TehRealSalt wrote: Sun May 15, 2022 10:52 am Yes, I have already been planning to put it on Steam! Dunno when exactly though, keep arguing with myself over that :p
It's possible for anyone to release on Steam. You used to have to go through Steam greenlight - my own game was one of the very last to go through that system - but now they've got rid of that years ago and all you have to do is pay $100. The game also has the most minimal of checks; pretty much it just has to run at all and not have anything against Valve's rules IIRC. Something as polished and carefully made as Snap the Sentinel will have absolutely no trouble at all.

TehRealSalt if you are reading this and you are worried about the Steam setup process, it's much easier than you might think. I would recommend getting a Steam page up ASAP so you can start collecting wishlists. Earlier the better. You could even set up episode 1, or part of episode 1, as the demo while you work on the full version. That's what I did with my game and the presence of a demo really helped sales when it was finally done.
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Re: Snap the Sentinel (v2.4) ~ EPISODE 1

Post by AmissaAnima »

It's not often that i stumble across a mod this well made.

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