MeenTC: I.M. Meen in GZDoom (v0.9)

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Re: MeenTC: I.M. Meen in GZDoom (v0.9)

Post by Rachael »

Thank you for the update!
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Re: MeenTC: I.M. Meen in GZDoom (v0.8.5)

Post by Arrowghost »

Captain J wrote:
> I certainly had a blast playing this special TC. It's very faithful and yet
> new to the original I.M. MEEN!

That's some beautiful game you had, if only I knew how to equip my 1st Fire Wand from Tower 1 and use it on those pesky spiders. Sorry, first time in playing that remake game, but I'm familiar with the regular Meen & Chill Manor on DosBox. I followed the installation steps, except in-game instructions are not provided including how to arm myself.

Too bad there's no Youtube video for me to watch from start to finish, the search engine I find got no results, there was one long ago, but I missed it or have disappeared.

Very cool game, but if only there's a way that could remaster the whole game onto Unreal Engine in the future.
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