Warning to all modders!

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Warning to all modders!

Post by NiGHTMARE »

Do *not* repeat *not* ever hire a person called Dron to work on or beta test your project. He will send your files to numerous people of his own chosing, specifically the "select clientele" who hang around in the channel #hehz0r.

People known to be guilty of receiving and examining stolen files include Aeris, cvncpu, Edward, and Jin. I would strongly recommend any mod maker who does not wish his resources to be stolen to not hire these people either.
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Post by randi »

*Snip* the heaps of muck throwing that ensued.

A round of bans goes out to giest118, Dron, and Edward. Especially giest118 for not shutting up.

Here was Tormentor667's post:
Tormentor667 wrote:This thread is a only big joke :) I can't believe what's happening here, so lets summarize that shit:

1). I invite a new mapper in times where KDiZD maps need most work called Dron and - as I trusted each other teammate of KDiZD before - have my full confidence in his brain and the fact that the secrecy of the project must be kept.

2.) After some weeks, I get an email from another Doomer over the ZDoom forums with the following information:
[20:05] <Jin> what do his emails say?
[20:05] *** Cutman has joined (channel name removed for sake of your own sanity)
[20:05] <Cutman> fag
[20:06] *** Mode change [+o Cutman] on #hehz0r by Jin
[20:08] <Cutman> dron sent him kdizd resource
[20:08] <`Edward> haha
[20:08] <Cutman> HOW DARE
[20:08] <`Edward> he's begging now

So the first two things that I do are talking to Chronoteeth and Dron because they are the initial clue we have concerning the leak. Chrono tells me, he asked for the resource and Dron sent it to him. Chrono won't spread it and is sorry for what happened, Dron doesn't reply.

3). After some more days, I get some more information about a certain Edward being involved in these happenings and that he wants to spread the resources. Beyond that, Dron wants to use most of the resources for his own project, without even asking us, just stealing and leaking.

4). After about 30 hours, a thread called "Warning to all modders" is filled with offense and total shit (except a few kind words from real friends in the ZDoom community), with facts and proofs, that other persons try everything to spread the leaked data, to demotivate us and to finally destroy KDiZD. Once again, discussions start with the one content, that KDiZD sucks that it isn't original, that it is just copy & paste, that it has no gameplay and all the other shit we had months and weeks before.

5). Now one single question arises for me: Why do we from the KDiZD team deserve such an insulting and offensive behaviour and such bad and hostile words? This community is the most disappointing thing I have ever seen (community = doom community, not just zdoom; as always I speak with having exceptions in mind and not generalizing). We all are modding and working for an 12 yeah old game because it is fun and we like it. We create maps, wepons, mods and sprites because it is our hobby and we deliver information and resources to other doomers in the community to help them and us both and to entertain, motivate and inspirate us while we are once again working on our own work.
If something is happening like this - and I have to say it once again: I am in the community for over 6 years and something like that has never happened to me - it totally destroys, why we all are here. There is no more fun, no more motivation or inspiration, there is just stress, jealousy, hate and bullshit all over the place. Why are there people who see their only job to destroy projects like KDiZD by ripping and leaking stuff that will totally destroy our joy on surprised faces when the final version is to be delivered?! Don't you guys have other things to do? Maybe help us or help other mappers? Maybe working on your own wads or just doing something productive for the community you spend your time in?

6). The even more worse thing is the way how other persons with a very impressive reputation on me acted on the leakage of KDiZd and thats even more sad. But thanks to that, I finally know what I have to do. There is no reason why I should stay any longer in the doom community. There is no more fun for me staying here, because everything that I do is just too overdetailed and has no gameplay. Beyond that, persons like deathz0r and giest have one enemy removed from their rampage against a normal helpful and friendly communities, the one zdoom was years ago (I remember the good old notgod days), well done.

That said, for now my personal projects are all cancelled, no Stronghold, no Netherworld and no TNT4. I am not sure concerning KDiZD but considering the fact that I didn't do much work on it in the past 2 months, those guys will finish it without me, they are skilled and will do their best. I'm not needed here anymore.

Maybe I will come back when some time has passed, but if I do, then just for advice if I have any requests or when I need technical advices. I am not interested anymore in any community-participation and so on, there is no need for me to tell you guys public news if any of my projects are finished or not in later times IF I CONTINUE because I am not interested in your opinions, I just "DooM" for my own pleasure and joy and there is no need for me to know what you think about it. (The only thing that is certain is the fact that I will stay in contact with persons I like and which are one of the single rocks in this surge full of shit and assholes)

And this is where it comes to some "Thank You". I want to thank a lot of people but it won't make sense to mention them all. Though, I am sure that those meant also know that they are meant.

Good Luck, Best Wishes
and I really hope for some of you that you get the chance to finally learn something out of what happened here because it is the worst thing I have ever seen in an internet community.


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