Using Raze on Mac

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Re: Using Raze on Mac

Post by sinisterseed »

If I recall, Apple actually ditched OpenGL in exchange for their own Metal, so seeing NBlood's Polymost doing a craptastic job comes as no surprise.

Don't own a mac myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if we perform similarly.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Using Raze on Mac

Post by Graf Zahl »

Not Raze but somebody tested GZDoom with Frozen Time and got 38 fps on OpenGL and 57 fps with Vulkan on a very demanding scene overlooking the entire level in 1920x1080.
So the performance of the chip is definitely not bad - 12 fps looks like the renderer is doing something the hardware doesn't like. There's a few likely candidates - my first guess would be the same thing that made it handle poorly on my Geforce: Using the sampler state of the textures instead of separate sampler objects.

So it would definitely be nice if someone could provide a Mac/ARM build of Raze to run some tests.
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Re: Using Raze on Mac

Post by _mental_ »

Recent devbuilds are universal binaries, the same for 0.9.0 release.

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