[RELEASE] Bimmy's Companions 1.0 - COMPLETE REWORK

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Re: [RELEASE] Bimmy's Companions! Vivian released!

Post by TheGrandGumby »

Can I include these in my Oblige mod? Crediting you of course.

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Re: [RELEASE] Bimmy's Companions! Vivian released!

Post by dragomir »

Can you make it so they remain with you for 1-2 minutes and then go back to inventory.After recharging for 6-8 minutes they can be summoned again.Also please nerf their damage.
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Re: [RELEASE] Bimmy's Companions 1.0 - COMPLETE REWORK

Post by Baratus »

The mod has been completely reworked. Cordie and Vivian have kept a lot of their core functionality, but thanks to code from Sgt. Shivers and Skelegant, will follow you more closely instead of wandering off. Their regular attack damage has been modified to be a little more reasonable. There are some brand new additions such as improved sprites and rotations, idle animations, and some reworked abilities. Check out Cordie's new Gunkata and Silk Pouch abilties! Besides that, Cordie and Vivian each have an added rare move.

Screenshots can be viewed on the itch.io page:

Never Fight Alone.

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