Command & Conquer Source Code Released

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Re: Command & Conquer Source Code Released

Post by kinker31 »

Kinsie wrote:
kinker31 wrote:I just hope that the source code to the 1st Plants Vs. Zombies released under the GPL license sometime, I mean, PopCap and EA are kinda focusing on PvZ 2 and 3 more than they have 1.
The engine used for that era of PopCap games (PopCap Games Framework) has its source out there, but I'm not lawyerly enough to know if it's truly open-source.
Ah, that's actually quite nice to know! Even it if isn't entirely open source, I wanna be able to use what I can out of the engine framework to see how much source code I can dissasemble out of the original PvZ to see if I can get a PvZ equivalent of open RCT2 going and to finally be able to make actual gameplay mods out of the original PvZ that aren't just sprite/animation replacements and modifications to existing plant/zombie code. Maybe Chuzzle too, that game doesn't get enough love.
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Re: Command & Conquer Source Code Released

Post by Cacodemon345 »

The chances of the game code going open source for any of the Popcap games are very low, so don't expect anything.

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