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Re: SIREN TC | v0.7 - 'Mod Only'

Post by Unregret »

DoomwithaView wrote: Tue Jan 10, 2023 8:52 am Thanks for recent feedback.

Toggleable ADS will be back in the next version.
Deadicated Heal Bind has been added.
Pistol and knife sprites added. Thanks.

Player sprites are on the agenda as I would like to use mirrors.
They're a pain to make for many reasons though.

Grenades should be rebindable. It's essentially the 'use inventory' bind as multiple grenade varieties are selectable. If you mean a dedicated bind for specific grenade types - potentially - I don't want to get carried away with a few hundred-thousand binds though.

It's unlikely I'll add slow motion myself anytime soon as there are lots of great mini mods to do things like that.

Finally, I'm not sure what is meant by 'separate ally mod'...
We already have ally mod, universal slow-motion and even universal slide/double jump mod out there. So don't mind those. Will stick to this thread for update to come.

Edit: Maybe we can get a texture pack for this weapon/monster pack too? Here a few but would it be enough? viewtopic.php?p=1235002&hilit=texture+pack#p1235002
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Re: SIREN TC | v0.7 - 'Mod Only'

Post by Artbor »

Hello, sorry if this has been mentioned before, but there's an inconsistency with one of the keycards and its respective door on map 1.
The locked room in the dark corridor near where you start says it requires LEVEL 3 access, however it is actually unlocked with the blue keycard which the game refers to as LEVEL 2 access (contrary to what it says on its sprite).
Speaking of that specific door, I think it would be nice if the whole linedef facing the player was marked as blue. The other doors are done this way so it's easy to spot them on the automap when lost;
However for this door only the panel appears as blue which is very hard to see on the map unless you zoom in;
As a final thing, the prisoner guy's dialogue is a bit out of place on map 2 if he didn't tell you who he was on map 1 (due to picking the wrong options)

Thanks for the great mod. Hard was especially enjoyable.
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Re: SIREN TC | v0.7 - 'Mod Only'

Post by DELTAtheDboi005 »

I think I've actually seen this one before, on a youtube channel called "alpha beta gamer", you know him?
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Re: SIREN TC | v0.7 - 'Mod Only'

Post by Artman2004 »

The grenades don't work. I can switch between them, but cannot use them.
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Re: SIREN TC | v0.7 - 'Mod Only'

Post by DitheredOutput »

The aim is to get a major update out at the end of this month.

I've been working hard on making maps completable with a 'route 1" approach, whilst offering plenty to find if you explore a bit.

There'll be 3 maps classed as 'Episode 1'

Things have had a refresh right from map 1 with loads more to see and, hopefully, gameplay improved in the parts that were not so great.

Plus 12 months working solidly on the conversation menu has paid off 😣

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