"HEAD" is not a valid commit!

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"HEAD" is not a valid commit!

Post by Rachael »

If you are self-compiling and reporting bugs, please post the commit hash.

If you are unsure, simply type "git describe --tags" in your source tree. Or type "git rev-parse HEAD". If using a devbuild, simply open your INI and copy the first line.

Use whichever format you like best. Either way though, don't use "HEAD".
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Re: "HEAD" is not a valid commit!

Post by _mental_ »

The same applies to "latest", "current", "March 13th", and so on. A commit time has nothing to do with a push time, they are unrelated.
Commit hashes exist for this reason, to uniquely identify the state of source code.
You want to point to a particular commit, post a hash, or better insert a GitHub link to it.

Re: "HEAD" is not a valid commit!

Post by Guest »

Thank you for your tutorial :)

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