Project S.I.D.E. - A Complete Overhaul PLUS Upscale

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Re: Project S.I.D.E. - A Complete Overhaul PLUS Upscale

Post by DreadWanderer »

Crazy_Deer wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is still being worked on, but I found it noteworthy to
> point out that the Plasma Gun with black gloves is missing a frame of
> animation

A real shame since I really liked its unique blend of features. Can't say I noticed the issue with the plasma gun or the black gloves. In the meantime I have been using Beautiful Doom
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Re: Project S.I.D.E. - A Complete Overhaul PLUS Upscale

Post by Logamuffin »

Hello, whenever I load the ProjectSide full package, all animated textures like waterfalls and the moss texture from Plutonia show up as FIREBLU. Anyone else having this issue?

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