Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (1.0.3)

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Re: Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (1.0.3)

Post by ArcturusDeluxe »

Vertigo wrote:Dude, this is amazing. I'm a big DOS nut but I haven't delved into the Amiga pool yet so I've played Alien Breed 1 & 2 but not 3D. Having a faithful recreation in GZDoom is a huge benefit to retro games fans. Looking forward to checking it as soon as I finish the mricarus vid.
Thank you! It means a lot. Please enjoy!
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Re: Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (1.0.3)

Post by Ihavequestions »

No idea how I've come across this, but it's pretty cool.
Thanks for porting this to the PC.
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Re: Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (1.0.3)

Post by RaZZoR »

I've never played AB3D (I've never had an Amiga), but of course i know it exist and it had good reviews back then. And after first level i can say, this port is awesome and it got me.

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