[4.2][Duke3D/Blood] Hightiles and HUD not tinted underwater

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[4.2][Duke3D/Blood] Hightiles and HUD not tinted underwater

Post by Phredreeke »

EDuke32 and NBlood applies a bluish tint to hightiles underwater (it's an imprecise but functional alternative to the global palette swapping done with 8-bit tiles)


I didn't test yet but I suspect the same issue applies to Redneck Rampage as well.

Also the HUD (which is not a hightile, other than the medkit and armor sprite in the Duke screenshot) is untinted as well

Both sets of screenshots were taken using my upscale packs
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Graf Zahl
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Re: [4.2][Duke3D/Blood] Hightiles and HUD not tinted underwa

Post by Graf Zahl »

Not tinting the HUD was a deliberate change. That was a typical case of a limitation of a paletted display, the change just mirrors ZDoom which did the same thing some 12 years ago.
For the tint I'll have to check.

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