[0.4.2][Duke3D] No random sounds when open main menu in game

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[0.4.2][Duke3D] No random sounds when open main menu in game

Post by PlayerLin »

Well it's not game-break bug...just...uh well it's thing since vanilla Duke...

In Raze, no random game sounds get plays when open main menu in game.

After start a game(new game or load savegame) on Duke3D, when you press ESC to bring out the main menu, it should be plays one of random sound, maybe weapon firing sound, or explosion sound, the sound when something squished or Duke's "ooh" sound when he's taking falling damage. It's random and you'll heard different ones when every time you hit of ESC to make the main menu appears.

It happens with vanilla Duke3D versions and all Duke3D source ports(except World Tour, since it's using its own main menu), since Raze still using original game's menu style from EDuke32 so I guess it should be exist too. :P
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Re: [0.4.2][Duke3D] No random sounds when open main menu in

Post by sinisterseed »

Cross-checked with the latest build of eduke as of today and indeed, there's a variety of sounds that play when opening the menu, ranging from Duke pain sounds to weapons, explosions, enemy noises, and so on. Raze does nothing right now.

This is probably a script somewhere or something that disappeared when the menus were swapped.
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Re: [0.4.2][Duke3D] No random sounds when open main menu in

Post by Graf Zahl »

fixed. This was simply forgotten when implementing the new menu sound function.

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