[0.4.2] [CON] 'savegamevar' saves var at strange position

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[0.4.2] [CON] 'savegamevar' saves var at strange position

Post by Gammli »

eduke32's CON language allows the player to store gamevars in the 'eduke32.cfg' file using the command 'savegamevar', and it can be read using the corresponding 'readgamevar' command.

This works in Raze, however instead of storing it in a separate section, the variable is instead dumped right into the

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section of the raze.ini, which makes me believe something is going wrong here.

Furthermore, I think it would be sensible for gamevars to be stored in a separate file entirely. I never liked eduke32's way of doing this, as it conflates game progress and settings into the same file, in a place where most users wouldn't expect it.
The attached CON file demonstrates this issue. The variable is stored as soon as the game is done initializing.
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Re: [0.4.2] [CON] 'savegamevar' saves var at strange positio

Post by Graf Zahl »

Fortunately just a minor oversight. The section to hold these variables was never created so it got stored in the last active one.

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