[0.4.1] [Duke 3d v1.3d Registered] Assault Captain bug

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[0.4.1] [Duke 3d v1.3d Registered] Assault Captain bug

Post by yikesdude754 »

This bug seems to be v1.3d exclusive bug, concerning palette number #21 variant of an Assault Trooper. When he teleports, he disappears permanently and never returns. I didn't come across this bug when playing Atomic Edition.
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Re: [0.4.1] [Duke 3d v1.3d Registered] Assault Captain bug

Post by Gammli »

This happens in 1.5 too, quite commonly in fact.

However, there is nothing that can be done about this on the engine-side. The Liztroop AI is defined in GAME.CON, and there's a large number of conditional checks that need to be fulfilled to allow him to reappear.
Evidently, in special cases some of these checks are never satisfied, rendering him stuck teleporting. But again, this is defined in the game data itself, and on the engine side nothing can really be done about it without breaking game logic.
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Re: [0.4.1] [Duke 3d v1.3d Registered] Assault Captain bug

Post by Graf Zahl »

Except replacing the script - with all negative consequences that entails...

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