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Chief Smokey
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Ultimate Edition Release

Post by Chief Smokey »

Here it is. The Ultimate Edition. 29 maps of demon-slaying mayhem. On the surface it may not look too different from the Episode III release but under the hood there has been a slew of fixes and quality of life improvements across the board.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xJLDFw ... sp=sharing
https://www.mediafire.com/file/w7dnnn2p ... e.zip/file
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Re: [GZDoom] Unfamiliar: Ultimate Edition

Post by Plasmazippo »

Little bit of feedback:

If you use an add-on with terrain splashes (DoomTerrains, Splash by Enjay, etc.) the sparks will generate uncharacteristically heavy splashes on a liquid floor. It looks odd and can be really noisy.
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Chief Smokey
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Classic Edition

Post by Chief Smokey »

Well I wasn't really expecting to come back and bring this old mod back from the dead after Ultimate Edition shipped but I've got some more tricks up my sleeve yet. Last year around Christmas time I found upon a beta build of Unfamiliar predating the release of Martian Fury containing material stretching from E1M1 to E3M1 (it may have been a pre-release playtesting build but I can't know if that's true or not) which was in a mostly playable state. So to end my tenure in the Doom modding scene for good I've decided to fix the build up and release it as Unfamiliar Classic Edition.

For the most part the polished build will be faithful to the source material, although some liberties have been taken for the sake of quality of life improvements. Don't expect anything near the quality level of Ultimate Edition, of course, since this is a relic of a different time. This is an act of preserving a personal historical artifact, first and foremost.

Currently this is going through playtesting and post-production. Depending on how much further work in required after receiving the testing feedback, it may release either this week or next week.
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Chief Smokey
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A Christmas Present

Post by Chief Smokey »

Merry Christmas! After much testing and fixing Classic Edition is ready to go.

You can download it HERE:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sGH0S4 ... 2Al6M/view
https://www.mediafire.com/file/fe8vk331 ... c.zip/file
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Re: [GZDoom] Unfamiliar

Post by Nems »

Ooo, gonna put this on my list of things to play. :D
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Void Warrior
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Re: [GZDoom] Unfamiliar

Post by Void Warrior »

Chief Smokey, greetings! Thank you for creating the DOOM Remake! I even dedicated a review to your project (In Russian: https://doomguy.ru/community/topic/unfa ... -ne-uznal/. I'll explain in advance: I did a review then for the version without 4 Episodes, so you probably fixed the error now).

But just now I have passed the "Classic Edition" and faced one problem. In this version, there are no transitions to Secret Maps in Episodes 1 and 2. At first I thought that the problem was due to the mod. But no: the problem remains even with vanilla startup. Of course, I'm not very upset, but I still had to fix it (Although I looked through SLADE, and there the transition is written! What the hell? :shrug: ).

I plan to write a review on this version, so it would be interesting to learn more about the Beta Build. Quite a good edition for interested players.

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