Walpurgis 0.99 (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [NEW RELEASE!!!]

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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [Big Thanks for 200k views everyone!]

Post by eharper256 »

New mutation preview video!

[Crusaders Tertiary Firestorm Mutation]: which changes the Flame Nova into a Fire-Wall. Less indiscriminate, and more focused arson!
[Crusaders Primary Spear Mutation]: which gives the Sturm Spear electrical shocks on hit so long as you have mana to spare. Shocked enemies will be knocked away slightly and sometimes stunned, capitalising on the spears reach.
[Crusaders Lightbringer Tertiary Mutation]: wherein you duct tape the Prism to the front end of the Wand rather than summoning it as a turret (lol). Whilst active you'll instead fire prism shots. It has limited ammo.
[Druids Warg Form Primary & Secondary Mutations]: the primary makes it so that you no longer punch in normal combos, but instead deliver a rapid punching frenzy every 4-6 slashes. The Secondary makes you punch the ice comet after you finish charging rather than launching it, shattering it in a massive swath of hail like a shotgun blast.
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [Big Thanks for 200k views everyone!]

Post by eharper256 »

Just a quick video of me checking out Brimstone Outpost by Thelokk in Walpurgis. A short single proof of concept level for a 'darker' heretic look looked interesting to me (and ideally fitting a mod such as mine too!).

As you can tell, I suck at platforming, especially if I play when I've just got up in the morning, and couldn't immediately spot a way out of that flaming pit, so the impromptu use of Fly was down to that.

You can get this here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/131576
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [Big Thanks for 200k views everyone!]

Post by eharper256 »

Unusual for me to do two video days back to back; but hey look what came out, it's a new DBP with a good difficulty level and nice theme for Walp, so here we are. This is a beauty of a level set, though its rare to find one of these that's not stunning.

I'm covering the first five maps here, which was already becoming a bit of a whopper video for my poor tiny M2 drive to handle (lol), so I had to stop after that, especially since both OBS and Avidemux were misbehaving today for some reason.

This one is marked for 0.97 since it has the new Myrmidon animations in it, but it should still play similarly in the current release of Walpurgis. You can get this mapset here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/131622
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [Big Thanks for 200k views everyone!]

Post by eharper256 »

Ugh, I've been really ill with fever (that broke and then somehow came back again two hours later!) :blergh: the last couple of days. Might be because work was kicking my ass in the early part of the week, so I've not got any finalised things to show off this week.

Sorry about that; however, things are going pretty well overall. I'm going to go for this release with all the 2/3 weapons mutations done for now, since this patch is already getting kind of bloated with lots stuff (already the changelog is 50% longer than 0.96!). :D

EDIT: So I do in fact have COVID, just what I need.
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

Here's a look at the next five mutations I've mostly finished polishing off:

First up is the Hammer's Primary Fire. This makes it consume Verdant Mana where it was free before (and it still remains slow unlike the regular upgrade), but means each swing is accompanied by a violent explosion. Quite satisfying to see charred enemies afterwards!

Second, the Hebiko Sceptre's Secondary Fire. This changes it from hypnosis to instigation. The enemy you tag with the eye beam is slowed and annoys other enemies around it, making them quite likely to start infighting. Hypnosis works better on enemies that can cause chaos for you quickly, but instigation is fantastic in tightly packed mobs of critters.

Third up is the Dagon's Cane Primary Fire. This changes the Water Missile into an Aqua-Jet mode, which has unique bounce behaviour. It's actually a bit too OP right now (lol) and needs a bit of adjusting, but as you can see, it excels in ripping up mobs.

Fourth, we have Aestus's Tertiary Fire. It gives the whip a delayed detonation, which increases its range a fair bit in exchange for it having a 'dead-zone' in melee distance. The actual detonation is stronger than the upgraded version but can be difficult to space correctly.

Finally, for Algor, the old Secondary Fire Upgrade (Rapid Ice Spears) is now the Mutation, and the new standard upgrade simply allows you to generate and hold and launch up to six spears at once.

Unfortunately, as noted above, COVID finally got me last Friday, and basically removed most of my weekend and Monday in sickness. I still expect 0.97 Walp to make it out for October, but probably towards the end, as a result.
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

I think we've nearly seen all the mutations due in 0.97 now! Here's some of the remaining ones for the Myrmidon.

The Axe's Primary Fire mutation makes it cost mana to swing, but really 'amps' up the experience with electrical blasts on impact. Deals more damage than the standard sharpening upgrade in exchange for the cost.

The Ventus Gladii Primary Fire makes it speed up with supernatural wind blessings every 4 swings, consuming a little bit of mana to make you swing the next 4 swings at super-speed. The Gladii Secondary Fire mutation makes it fire small tornadoes rather than wind-blades. They lose the range of the blades, but unnerringly track and fling enemies around, dealing good damage to close up mobs.

And finally, the Hammer Tertiary changes the Quake Shockwave to Upheaval Fissure. It no longer explodes on impact, but instead constantly causes an eruption of rocks and magma as it travels beneath enemies. It looks really swish if I may say so myself. XD
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by Sharazar256 »

The new additions are looking amazing. Thank you for all the hard work!
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

Sharazar256 wrote: Mon Oct 17, 2022 6:29 pm The new additions are looking amazing. Thank you for all the hard work!
Thanks! Glad you like them. Not long now.
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

ICONS!! :)
Yes, this will be our needless UI improvement for this patch; each upgrade in the upgrade interface having a related icon to make it look even prettier.
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

New video!

This is the sixth preview for mutations (boy is there alot in this upcoming patch!). First up, the Dagon's Cane Secondary Mutation: Vortex Blast, which replaces the usual Geyser with a vicious whirlpool. It has less stun and upwards throw on single targets, but disrupts all nearby enemies, making it superb for mobs.

Next we have the Wolf Mode Tertiary Mutation: The Charge Punch. You lose the jump slam of the original in exchange for a rushing smack-down, which makes it a fantastic gap closer and smackdown for individual enemies.

Third, we have the Gladius Tertiary Mutation: Bladestorm. Instead of channelling to create the close range Hurricane, you instead launch a spread-shot of weaker wind-blades. The more you charge, the more blades, in a shotgun- like pattern.

Fourth, the new regular upgrade for Algor's Tertiary Fire. The old upgrade (Ice Prison) is now the mutation for Algor. This is the regular upgrade, and simply supplements your usual Glacial Spikes with additional Icy Stumps for more AoE and damage.

Finally, I had to replace the previously shown mutation for Fulgur's Primary. Unfortunately, it caused pretty high lag in testing in frenzied battles, and considering I have a good machine, that's pretty shocking (pun intended). So instead, the mutation is now Lightning Helix; which fires an intertwining beam of orange and blue lightning in a single shot, rather than channelling. It has a much longer range, giving Fulgur a sniping option. This actually got a new hand sprite as well!
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

All those mutations are pretty cool, right? But how ever would we implement them in that old UI? Well, we wouldn't, obviously. The Upgrading UI has had a huge upgrade itself to accomodate the additional player choices!! You also get those nifty icons for each upgrade that I showed in the forums a few days back.

But wait... there's more: complete support for the Corruption Cards mod! Cutmanmike's mod is pretty awesome and I like it, but it has some weird interactions with Walp by default. 0.97 will fix this by adding in a custom Walpurgisnacht Card deck with custom art and creature sets for CC to use, as well as full support for Walp's Dimensional Instability, as seen here!
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [More 0.97 Mutation Previews]

Post by eharper256 »

Good news everyone; I'm just doing some final tweaks, spit and polishing, and will be releasing Walpurgis 0.97 TOMMOROW!!

Just in time for you to enjoy it for the appropriate Halloween weekend! :)
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Re: Walpurgis 0.96A (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [0.97 due tommorow!]

Post by eharper256 »

Oh; nearly forgot I did this a few days ago alongside the Corruption Cards additions.
Here's a patch for Walpurgis and Elementalism.

They mostly work together already as long as you load Walp after Elementalism; this is just a quick ACS replacement that makes sure that Elementalism correctly removes Walp Weapons and doesn't give you Doom pistols when you start a level. You can get Elementalism here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100102 . Load the patch after both of them in your order.

I think they thematically work wonderfully together, especially if you play as the Druid. :)
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Walpurgis 0.97 (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [NEW RELEASE!]

Post by eharper256 »

Well, here we are! It's here! It's been a four months since 0.96A, but that's to be expected considering the rather crazy-huge amount of stuff I've crammed into 0.97, just look at that dang changelog below.

Anyways, without further ado:

Get it from MEGA here

Or GoogleDrive Mirror here

And here's the mighty changelog:

Code: Select all

'Elixir of Mutation'
+New!:	Alternate Mutated Upgrades! The big feature of this patch is the ability
	to select an alternate upgrade path for all 2+3 slot weapons (Basic and
	Ultimate weapon alternates to come). The Alternate upgrade is frequently 
	a change to the basic function of the fire-mode, but is always stronger.
		Vorpal Axe Primary>	The Primary Fire now costs 1 mana a swing, but 
					discharges with an electric shock for extra damage
					(more than standard upgrade, but this has a cost). 
		Vorpal Axe Secondary>	The Vorpal Slash becomes a vertical slash, which
					reduces its AoE capabilities. However, it remains
					at a similar power, and is now half-price in mana.
		Vorpal Axe Tertiary>	The Axe is no longer thrown. Instead, it produces
					a spectral copy in the same manner as the hammer.
					As a result, you are no longer disarmed whilst
					it is in flight. However, the projectiles are a
					bit weaker, do not drain health for you, and explode
					on impact rather than having boomerang behaviour.
		Ventus Gladii Primary>	After four swings, the Primary fire will take 1
					mana to aid the next four swings with a burst of
					magical wind to make them super-fast. This happens
					with consistency (4 normal => 4 fast =>). 
		Ventus Gladii Secondry> Rather than firing wind-blades, the gladius now
					fire a pair of cyclones which viciously pursue
					nearby targets and throw them around. Not very 
					good range, but excellent at sweeping mobs of 
					small fry away.
		Ventus Gladii Tertiary>	Rather than charging up for a close range tornado
					strike, you instead charge up to let out a burst
					of several wind-blades in a shotgun-like spread. 
					The more you charge, the more blades you unleash. 
		Hammer Primary>		The hammer now emits additional flames when you 
					strike with it, exploding whenever you hit a foe
					or wall with a swing. Only works if you	currently 
					have Verdant mana, draining 2 per swing.
		Hammer Secondary>	Gives the hammer a special bouncing behaviour that 
					tends towards leapfrog bounces. This bounce also has 
					a special effect on hitting enemies. Rather than 
					bouncing off them in the opposite direction, it 
					carries on going in its original direction or 
					sometimes wildly bounces off to the side. 
		Hammer Tertiary>	The shockwave rumbler is now larger and slower,
					and does not explode on impact. Instead, it causes
					continual eruptions as it travels, making stones
					and magma fly everywhere on its path.
		Lightbringer Primary>	Becomes Rapid Fire, though less precise and each
					shot loses AoE damage and is less damaging overall.
					But hey, plenty of dakka! Dakka for all!
		Lightbringer Secondary>	Forks Laser into two lesser beams. Both of these
					will reflect once upon hitting something. When
					reflecting, they'll prefer to reflect at an enemy.
					NOTE: Standard upgrade has changed. It is now a
					lesser beam initially, but then after holding for
					a short time, erupts into a larger, stronger beam.
		Lightbringer Tertiary>	A Mini-Prism now spawns attached to the front of  
					the Lightbringer. Whilst this is active, you will 
					always fire as if hitting a prism, directly from 
					the LB, usurping your usual shots/lasers. This is
					ideal for those that want a firepower upgrade on
					the go. Unfortunately, you do lose the Prism's
					innate homing. Lasts until depleted.
		Sturm Spear Primary>	The spear's head now holds a deadly electrical
					charge, and whenever you hit things in melee
					it will zap for extra potency. Only works if you
					currently have Aether mana, draining 1 per swing.
		Sturm Spear Secondary>	The spectral partisans gain the ability to bounce
					off walls (seeking new targets) and also penetrate 
					through or bounce off enemies (randomly), allowing
					them to cause havoc in large groups.
		Sturm Spear Tertiary>	The circle will no longer be summoned on the ground.
					Instead, it will appear hovering in front of you.
					After the usual charge-up, it will fire multiple
					holy-lightning bolts at nearby enemies.
		Firestorm Primary> 	Creates bouncing fire waves rather than flamer.
					Has a longer range (both width and length). 
		Firestorm Secondary> 	Flings a wad of close range flaming embers for
					your UT Flak Cannon fix. 
		Firestorm Tertiary>	Rather than emitting a swirling fire nova around
					yourself, you now create Fire-Walls.
					They edge forwards a small amount, providing an
					excellent means of damaging advancing foes.
		Aestus Primary>		The Fire Darts become Magma Balls; which erupt
					into flaming shrapnel on impact. Rather deadly
					to tightly packed groups or large enemies.
		Aestus Secondary>	Rather than summoning a rolling boulder, drop a
					meteor at the point indicated a second later.
					Reliable at a distance, but ineffective against
					fast moving foes.
		Aestus Tertiary>	Gives the Flame Whip a delayed detonation which 
					increases its range a fair bit in exchange for it
					having a 'dead-zone' in melee distance. The actual
					detonation is stronger than the upgraded version
					but can be difficult to space correctly.
		Algor Primary>	Changes into a cone of cold, rather than ice
					shards. Drastically increases the range, but with
					a slight damage decrease.
		Algor Secondary>	The old Upgrade (Rapid-Fire Ice Spears) is now here.
					NEW STANDARD UPGRADE now increases the total
					maximum barrage size from 4 => 6, allowing you to
					hold and deliver more spears at once.
		Algor Tertiary>	The old Upgrade (Ice Prison) is now here.
					NEW STANDARD UPGRADE now makes you also spawn 
					additional ice blocks alongside the regular spikes
					for extra damage and coverage.
		Fulgur Primary>		You no longer stream lightning per hand in continual
					fire. Instead, you fire a single long-ranged dual helix
					beam of blue and orange lightning that is all about
					powerful impact damage, acting like a sniper mode.
		Fulgur Secondary> 	For those that really hate getting trick shots with 
					the Plasma Ball; it becomes grounded with much shorter 
					tendrils, but hits with a serious wallop.
		Fulgur Tertiary>	Removes the ability to create a powerful static 
					storm; instead, you'll create smaller storm clouds 
					that follow you around and fire at closer targets, 
					like guardians. Rather than having periodic fire, 
					they have a set amount of shots before fading.					
		Dagons Cane Primary>	Normal water blasts become Aqua-Jets. Aqua-Jets 
					are	affected by gravity, bouncing twice. Each time 
					they do, part of the jet bounces off in a new 
					direction. Offers superb room clearance of weak foes.
		Dagons Cane Secondary>	Geysers become Whirlpools. They work the same way
					with linecross based targeting. The whirlpool
					throws anything it catches around alot more making it
					a superb disruption tool, especially in dense packs
					of enemies. Keep in mind it can throw you around too
					and will damage if it slams you into the floor.								
		Dagons Cane Tertiary>	You no longer transform into a tidal wave for a
					charge attack, and simply summon a tidal wave. It
					acts like waves do, growing wider but shorter as it
					travels, and knocking foes back. It is a good tool 
					for spacing in exchange for the mobility of before.								
		Warg Form Primary>	You no longer punch in your regular melee attack
					combos. Instead, after 4 consecutive slashes in a
					row, you unleash a rapid 5-punch flurry.	
		Warg Form Secondary>	The Ice Comet is no longer launched; instead, you 
					punch it, shattering it instantly and throwing out
					shards based on its charge level for a shotgun effect.
		Warg Form Tertiary>	Changes the Leaping Quake Slam to a Lunging Punch.
					This makes it quicker to execute, cheaper, and more 
					focused, but it loses a fair bit of area effect.
					It gains more damage the longer you lunge in the
					same way the leap deals more damage from heights.
		Hebiko Staff Primary>	Changes to a medium-range acid spray, instead of
					long-range homing acid snakes. This is very good 
					at stunlocking and dealing heaps of damage up front!
		Hebiko Staff Secondary>	Changes Hypnosis into Instigation. The monster hit by
					beam no longer becomes a temporary ally. Instead,
					the target becomes extremely annoying to enemies
					around it as well as slowing them and drawing them
					towards it. Infighting is very likely to start.
		Hebiko Staff Tertiary>	Changes Gas Grenade to a Grenade that creates a
					pool of oil that lurks insidiously where deployed.
					When enemies are close by, the pool	will manifest 
					into an Avatar of Hebiko, a giant snake of oil, 
					which will ambush and bite the offending foe for
					a large amount of damage. Bites 3 times before
					the ambushing pool dissappears. 
					--Other Changes--
+New!:	Various supporting code to upgrade the upgrade interface and UI so it
	can actually do the above system!
+New!:	Enjay's fixed Wyvern ZScript code was added; should help it not fail
	to work in Hexen Map 12 and some custom Hexen Wads.
+New!:	Dinosaur_Nerd's Hexen Script fixes for Hexen iWad were added as default
	for Walpurgis, so Hexen Map 23 should no longer cause softlock issues.
+New!:	Oliacym's Doom 2 Intermission Screens are now included by Default in
	Walpurgis. I've added in code to make this work with Wadsmoosh D2 too.
+New!:	Centaur shields are now a fixed hitbox rather than the monster becoming
	totally invicible. This means they can't mysteriously parry the effects
	of gas clouds and explosions anymore, but they do now reflect projectiles
	better than before, deal more damage, and have more HP to compensate.
+New!:	Korax bossfight for Hexen tweaked with quite a few changes that should
	render it at least a slight challenge for an endgame Walp character now.
+New!:	New difficulty option- [Health Multiplier]. You can now change the base
	multiplier for monster health between 5x and 0.5x, if you are finding
	that you're just too strong and good at the game (or vice-versa).
+New!:	New difficulty option- [BFG is Full Ultimate Spawn]. By default, if a 
	Doom level has a BFG9000 spawn, it will now spawn ALL THREE ultimate
	weapon pieces by default rather than just a single weapon piece. This 
	option can be toggled if you prefer the old (harder) behaviour, but it
	is recommended for Pistol Starter usage or single level wads.
+New!:	New sprites for Hammer selection and swing by Neoworm. I've added in a
	new routine & SFX for the Hammer select to use these.
+New!:	New draw, idle and sheath effects for Quietus based off works by  
	Lord_Lothar but with quite a bit of respriting by me and extra effects.
+New!: 	For the full trifecta of Myrmidon sprite upgrades; there's now also a 
	3rd diagonal left to right chop for the axe as well a big update to the
	horizontal left to right slash (by me). Vorpal Slashes utilise the latter
	too, and the axe is actually purple when using the upgraded one now (lol).
+New!:	New Druid character sprite and Frenzyweed sprite by Craneo added.
+New!:	1-2 extra taunt voicelines for each character for more variety.
+New!:	Revised Ichival Arrow sprites. The Primary AoE is alot more obvious now
	due to this. Though you rarely see the arrows in flight for long, I was
	still annoyed with their basic-ness, so needless animation boosts ho!
+New!:	Full support for [Corruption Cards] deployed. Walpurgis gets its own 
	custom deck and monster groups when you use the two mods together now. 
	There is additional custom artwork added as well for these. For the full 
	Chaotic Experience; enable Walp's Dimensional Instability as well, as the
	deck supports enemies (and Elites) from all three games!
+New!:	New Elite: Avenger Revenant. Clearly what everyone needed; a Revenant with 
	a level 3 helmet, a cape, and delusions of grandeur. He can rapid-fire
	homing missiles (which are mildly weaker and worse at homing than normal
	Rev missiles, but still) and also can spam bouncy grenades. You won't
	appreciate him providing artillery support, so take him out quick. Or
	don't... and let him piss off everything else with all the explosions. XD
+Tweak:	When you hit bloodless and metallic enemies with melee weapons, they now
	make the same sound as hitting a wall, which is much more appropriate
	than bloody and squishy noises that they used to use.
+Tweak:	Readjusted punching sound effects for a better cadence to the whacks. 
+Tweak: Firestorm Secondary now resolves quicker, so it provides less of a visual
	nuisance from flames hanging around but still looks good. It also got
	a slight upgrade to its sound effects.
+Tweak:	All Walpurgis monsters added by the monster replacers will use the new
	GZDoom spriteshadow feature to cast themselves some shadows. This will
	be disabled if using vanilla monsters (as with all monster cosmetics).
+Tweak:	Bullets and Shells fired by zombies & spiderdemons now make ricochet 
	sounds on impact so they're a bit less surprising from ambushes. The
	spiderdemons also use a new, meatier chaingun sound to match the 
	the powerful barrages they get in Walp.
+Tweak:	Tweak to weaponraise routine of Aestus, should be faster now.
+Tweak:	Druid's Wolf-Mode Ice-Ball is now more centred when charging, making it
	more accurate to your crosshair when actually launched.
+Tweak:	Aestus'es Fire-Bolts are also more centred when firing.
+Tweak:	Footstep sounds for Sand added. This is only used by OTEX right now though.
+Tweak:	Walpurgis Options menu was getting a bit monolithic, so I added a few
	extra submenus, and everything is now sorted under these.
+Tweak:	When upgrading, the default timeout was raised from 5 seconds to 8
	seconds. In addition, there is a new menu option CVAR that allows you 
	to increase or decrease this timeout if you want more/less time to read 
	the descriptions of upgrades.
+Tweak:	The [Read This!] main card was a little out of date, now updated.
+Tweak:	Revised TITLEMAP, now with a courtyard in place of the old logo.

+Fixed:	Magister could kill self with upgraded Agnus Abyssus secondary fire. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Magister's Vis Tertiary Fire Stasis Cage could fail to work if the 
	ceiling was too low. Should now gradually levitate to prevent this.
+Fixed:	Magister Algor Ice Spears should, finally, never snag on raised surfaces
	and die prematurely. They will also happily launch from slightly within 
	a wall now, as they don't become solid until after clicking into position.
	Overall, they should work alot more reliably in claustrophobic levels.
+Fixed:	Druid Dog-Mode Ice Ball charges more consistently. It would sometimes
	skip charge stages before, taking longer than neccessary. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Druid Dog-Mode Leaping Quake Punch would sometimes store the wrong
	height multiplier, throwing off its damage calculation. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Myrmidon Vorpal Axe Slash failed to use its failsafe slash mode if your 
	back was against a wall, making you waste mana. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Some typos in TNT intermission text. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Fixed a rare overlay failure that might occur on the Lightbringer if you
	switched from the Mace or Spear and used the shield smite as the last
	thing you did.
+Fixed:	Mystics Urn keybind didn't work as it was mapped to an old item. Fixed.
+Fixed:	You still had a 0.7% chance to taunt sometimes even with the chance set
	to zero, since I put a less than or equal to, rather than a less than in
	one of the calculations. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Doom Imp had a burning death but for some reason skipped it and reverted 
	to the old pillar of fire routine. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Crusader's Spear, when summoning spectral partisans repeatedly by holding
	down the button, could skip its check for mana when upgraded, allowing
	an infinite amount to be summoned in that one barrage. Fixed.
+Fixed:	Skeleton Minions, when created in Dimensional Instability mode, would be
	glowing blue when idle and unable to see you (i.e. Blur Sphere, as 
	they're normally summoned by Necromancers). This no longer occurs.
+Fixed:	I recently discovered Code Inheritence doesn't work like I thought it did.
	As a result, Lightbringer's upgraded Primary Fire is no longer insanely
	OP, since it was OP due to it being glitched.
+Fixed:	If you tried to use an upgrade item whilst affected by the Blursphere or
	other player renderstyle change, the upgrade interface would inherit 
	this, also becoming invisible or psychadelic. This has now been fixed.
+Fixed:	In Hexen Deathkings, the godawful level, Sump, uses weird ACS bullshit
	linked to Brown Serpents to lower parts of the level. Since Walp replaced
	the serpents, this no longer worked. A needlessly convoluted workaround
	to fix this with ZScript has been added.
+Fixed:	Spawners for monsters in general were given an extra 'robustness' pass,
	so they shouldn't fail to spawn in any circumstance now, even if the 
	circumstance is weird (spawned in tiny closets, for example). 

+Balance:	Many monsters were given around a +5-10% boost to HP.
+Balance:	Quietus Primary slashes weighting changed somewhat in favour of the
	vorpal slashes over the actual hits, so that the vorpal effect is
	more useful and less of a tickle at max range. Overall, this makes
	the sword slashes feel longer ranged.
+Balance:	Quietus Torpedo charges 20% faster & deals 10% more damage.
+Balance:	Quietus Blazing Fusilade deals 25% more damage.
+Balance:	Crusader Base HP reduced from 115 to 110.
+Balance:	Sturm Spear Primary Stabs & Swings deal 10% less damage.
+Balance:	Sturm Spear Partisan summon deals 10% less damage on impact.
+Balance:	Lightbringer Primary upgrade, now its bugfixed, is actually properly
	doing the damage its supposed to, around 1.75x if all three shots hit.
+Balance:	Firestorm Tertiary now costs 18/sec rather than 14/sec, and has a 
	slightly lower floor for its minimum damage.
+Balance:	Firestorm Primary now deals about 7% more damage, has 20% more range,
	and costs around 2/3's of what it used to when sustained. These two
	changes are to make the primary a more attractive option for single 
	target use as its now much more economical for this task. The 
	tertiary remains awesome close AoE, just not quite as spammable.
+Balance:	Druid's Wolf transformation is now 30% faster, and there are now 
	3 null frames at the start during which you can switch. This is good
	for those odd ones among you that use mousewheel to switch weapons 
	rather than the number keys: as before you couldn't wheel past the
	wolf form without activating it first.
+Balance:	Druid's Falcon Familiar, Turul, is much better at tracking the player
	and not quite so bloodthirsty in his murder sprees across the level
	when he can keep finding new targets (lol). He fires 1 less feather
	in his barrages than before as well.
+Balance:	Ichival's Artillery Arrow now costs 18 of both mana, rather than 15,
	it was rather underpriced before.
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Re: Walpurgis 0.97 (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [NEW RELEASE!]

Post by DarkQuill »

Haven't updated since 0.92, there's an astounding amount of changes and polish in just a few version changes. Well done!

Couple minor things I've noticed;

-For the Ranger, the Baselard upgrade that summons the owl is uhhh... overpowered lmao. This owl can kill a SpiderMastermind in under 10 seconds. Maybe need to reduce the amount of projectiles per volley, damage per projectile, firing speed, or some combination of all three.
-Ranger's Dragon Staff primary fire angles to the right once upgraded. If the regular version does this already, then the upgraded one has a way bigger offset.
-Not sure how feasible this is, but requesting an option to disable forced camera vertical movement during certain attacks (Hammer slam, Wolf groundpound, Dragon Staff whirlpool etc). Forced camera snapping like that gives me headaches :(
-A couple sounds need a little bit of volume tweaking, such as the Crucifix's black hole attack. Just a tiny little bit too loud.
-Possibly an option to change the armor pickup messages to indicate how much armor they are giving.

But jeeze, this is so damn cool. And built-in support for Corruption Cards? That's above and beyond. Definitely doing some playthroughs with this tonight. Thank you very much for all your work and effort!

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