[WIP2] Thy Blood Konsumed: Vampiric Power Fantasy

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Doctrine Gamer
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Re: [WIP2] Thy Blood Konsumed: Vampiric Power Fantasy

Post by Doctrine Gamer »

D3athStalker wrote:
Doctrine Gamer wrote:What a fantastic mod :wub: too bad that it is no longer updated.
Only at WIP is it really fun.
My congratulations to D3athStalker for another masterpiece.
Thanks man. Although I have further plans for this mod but I was too busy working on Doom Incarnate 3.0 during that time. I'm thinking of returning to work on this slowly but surely.
Thank you for bringing cool mods.
Tested and finished it in Ultimate Doom, the only problem I found was in Exploding Necrosis, the giant wave of blood sometimes caused drops in the framerate, other than that I found no other problems.
I will keep an eye on this mod if there is news.
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Re: [WIP2] Thy Blood Konsumed: Vampiric Power Fantasy

Post by Mnemnon »

This is really an underappreciated mod, ther's some really good afterthought with the weapons, leveling, elemental potions etc. Do you intend to further work on it? If so then I would have few suggestions:
-balance the weapons a bit, I found myself using mostly the lance (great reach) and twin blades (OP attack speed) and sometimes the hammer. Some tweaks could encourage the player to also use other weapons. Also some kind of (alt fire) charged attack for the sword would be nice.
-I know there is a shitload of spells to choose from and some weapons have ranged alt-fire but maybe you can add one solely ranged weapon, i.e. a bow shooting crystalized blood arrow or something like that.
-change the order of obtaining the spells, e.g. earlier Krimson Shield and Blood Summon would be helpful as low-level player has fewer HP so they would greatly increase defensive gameplay while extremly powerful Blood Clot and Tornado can be postponed to higher levels.
-turn up the volume of heroine taunts, her voice is rather quiet so sometimes in the middle of the fight it's rather hard to hear her what she's saying.
-add option in the menu to turn health pickups back to vanilla, sometimes it's hard to distinguish their current form (hacked body parts) from all the carnage the player is causing :)
-maybe some fatalities a'la Brutal Doom but centered on feeding on enemies?
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Re: [WIP2] Thy Blood Konsumed: Vampiric Power Fantasy

Post by Doomguy914 »

An awesome mod for sure, but I do have a few issues. I don't know if they wers the result of playing on the hardest difficulty, but the spells outshine the weapons tremendously. The only weapons that were really useful were the dual arm blades, the spear, hammer, and the BFG replacement. Sword swung very slowly that unless I activated it before I rounded a corner I was mincemeat. Dagger did very little early game, and the heal from it even more so.

I think an interesting way to revamp health siphon abilities, would be to increase the blood cost substantially but at the same time give you a larger boon of lifesteal per hit. I also rarely got to use a charged variant for the weapons, but what I saw was a vast increase in blood cost with very little extra damage output. Mostly for the sword. The scythe was pretty unwieldy as well. Perhaps some more in-game description of what the different modes do per weapon in future updates.

Blood ball past a certain level, (very early game,) was not only more cost efficient, but safer to fire off on a random wall than to use the sword slash power. Also, ran into a possible error mid-late game. The shield claimed that it now granted radiation immunity, but I tested it only to lose most of my health on Industrial Zone.

An amazingly fun yet difficult mod that I hope to see improved in the future. I can only imagine how much fun this mod will be on darker moodier mapsets. Which reminds me, I have to try this with Immersive, Darkdoom, and universal AI enhancer. Maybe stick to the red filter flashlight setting to try and make it more resemble some form of Vampiric night sight.
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Re: [WIP2] Thy Blood Konsumed: Vampiric Power Fantasy

Post by Irrevenant »

I've been messing around with this since yesterday and a bit of today and I'm having some fun testing pain and death types with Brutal Doom monsters, since you included damagetypes that work with them. I ended up reducing the range a little on most of the melee weapons' custompunches. It seemed just a bit much.
-hammer: 155

"Saw" as a deathtype goes really well with the armblades because it occasionally lets you tear down mancubi, pinkies and other enemies bit-by-bit, where "Cut" usually just gives you the one animation. It's incredibly savage and fitting. Hammer in particular has been fun messing with. I gave the uncharged puff "Shotgun" as a deathtype because it sends humanoid enemies flying backwards and rolling like in BD, but you also get more varied stuff like blowing limbs off. I gave it "Extremepunches" as a PainType so it can be used to bully hardier enemies. Hellknights in particular get pushed back quite a bit, Mancubi a bit less, and barons the least. "ExplosiveImpact" as the DeathType on the fully charged attack is super satisfying.

As for other feedback and bug stuff, it'd be cool if Skarlet had the ability to double jump with blood wings, or unlocked it through leveling. A few CVARs like NoSmoke don't work because they still have "DI_" in them instead of "TB_" in weapon and spell text files. The ReadyAct sounds go pretty well in the melee weapons whenever you have to charge an attack. I put it directly under
TNT1 A 0 A_PlaySound("SpecialCharge", 1)

The scythe's normal attacks don't seem to be able to cut the hanging gore actors that drop this mod's blood, though it can cut BD's. Has a hard time cutting corpses. There's no blood when you hit enemies, and the attack comes out below the crosshair. I do particularly enjoy the scythe, though. Edit: I figured out the attack height, sort of. I mentioned this in Doom Incarnate's thread, too, about how the guns shoot lower than the crosshair. Setting Player.AttackZOffset to 13 solves this. I also hadn't noticed the melee attacks doing this before, but I guess they were, those were raised a bit and now it's definitely easier to cut off heads. The scythe is still a bit lower than center, but I'm not sure what else to do for it.

It'd be nice to reduce or even disable the red smoke on the hammer quake attack, as it tanks my frames. And I have to second Mnemnon, Skarlet's taunts are a bit quiet.

I'm looking forward to playing through something with this, though I'm not quite sure what just yet.

Edit: Testing this a bit more, and I kinda wish the blood energy that drops from monsters stuck around a bit longer, or even forever. And/Or, like r&r said, it'd be cool if it was automatically drawn to you with a skill or just in general. In a bigger fight you either have to scramble to pick it up before it disappears or just focus on killing and let it all go, and it kinda bothers me missing out on experience even if it's a tiny blood mote.

Edit again: I've been assigning pain and death types to spells now, too. I'll put this under spoilers, this is getting long. I don't know how any of this is coming off so I want to clarify this is less "please also do this" and more for consideration.
Edit again again. Okay, I've played a bit more and the blood both should stick around longer, and Skarlet needs a way to pull it to her. Killing a bunch of enemies and individually picking up all the blood is a huge pain. Cool if it was just passive, slightly cooler if it was another spell Skarlet had from the start. If possible, putting it on the Use key after you hold it for a half second or so - or some other specific button, so you could do it whenever, and she'd keep vacuuming as long as you hold it. Being able to hold the keys to scroll spells and elements would be helpful. Maybe also assignable hotkeys for spells like Krimson Shield and Red Rain. Blood Summons can get in the way and can hurt/kill you if you happen to be in their line of fire or be near them when they die. Making them and the player the same species and giving Skarlet +THRUSPECIES to let her walk through them would be cool. And I think it would prevent some cast failures if you do it too close.
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Re: [WIP2] Thy Blood Konsumed: Vampiric Power Fantasy

Post by Linz »

Ya know as someone who never was much for MK, I kinda dig this mod alot

Hope you finish it one of these days

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