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Re: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v4.7

Post by Valken »

ZDL spelled it out :

He said using wadsmoosh didn't work for whatever reason. I have no idea on this as I'm not a modder.
He might get in trouble for sharing "copyright" content which he edited manually.
He was asking for funds to support his time to create things (work for hire) and he was developing VR Hexen / VR Heretic but does not have a VR goggle set. He was asking for Patreon to support some of those costs.
He literally gave the wad away for free, no payment, if you just asked him via PM.
He did ASK if users can help him out in terms of donating for the labor.

Then he got hit with a ton of requests for the wad so diverted those requests to consider his Patreon. He still gave the wad away for free if you simply PM him, if the user could have; not counting those new users who need XYZ posts before allowed to be able to PM.

Then this whole thing blew up from that point on.

You can verify this by searching this very thread how many people thanked him for the "mod". Ask them how much they were forced to pay.
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Re: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v4.7

Post by Valherran »

wildweasel wrote:
Valherran wrote:Not surprising this user has a patreon, everyone is doing that these days. I don't recall this MOD ever being a paywall, and even though the last version was almost 2 years ago, the author has been working on it giving progress reports.
Again, as I understand it, it was never the mod itself behind the wall. It's the "megawad" he was distributing, that was Hexen plus the expansion merged into what I believe is a complete IWAD.
As Valken already pointed out, you need the original game IWADs for it to work. I also had a look at the Patreon and it clearly says what the tiers were for and what the funding was going towards, but I guess it isn't clear enough for certain individuals.
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Re: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v4.7

Post by Rachael »

It doesn't really matter. You should not be selling content that isn't your's and that you don't have the rights to, unless you have a license for it.

Furthermore - the fact that threatening me was his first go-to move (even if ultimately the threat was pretty hollow), instead of trying to properly appeal the ban, falsely accusing me of having some sort of "vendetta" against him, tells you all you need to know.

Sorry but the ban is irreversible, at this point, by anyone except him. And the only way he can do anything is if he contacts me in Discord and offers a truthful and remorseful apology for what he did (and yes, it has to be convincing), and changes what he offers on Patreon so that I don't have to worry about being sued by Zenimax or Activision. Which I am not sure he is even capable of doing, given how he reacted to something like this. This is non-negotiable and no amount of trying to argue this will change it. It is done and it is over.

All this arguing is over something which is no longer even the reason he's banned now, anyway. I do not tolerate threats - PERIOD. End of sentence. Ever. It doesn't matter if it's against an admin or against a ZD Forums user. I will not tolerate it. Ever. You will be banned permanently, and on the spot, and there will be no negotiation. Threatening one of us doesn't work, it never has worked, and it never will work. And the last thing that I *ever* want to do is make an action that is as disgusting and as despicable as that okay. You will get nothing from me when you do that.

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