VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED September 1, 2022

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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED September 1, 2022

Post by Ganbare-Lucifer »

This has yet to be the most complete mod about Doom bestiary that compiles most monsters ever.

Say, Realm667 has updated its repository with a few new monsters, do you plan to add them?
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED September 1, 2022

Post by Turin Turambar »

I like this mod, but sometimes I wish it would provoke less of a clusterfuck in the gameplay itself.

What I wish is that there was a way to make "stable" enemy replacements per level. This is, when the game loads a new level, a replacement monster is chosen for every enemy. For imp, the imp replacement #5, for zombie shotgun guy, soldier replacement #3, for the Cacodemon, Caco replacement #6 (of the pool of possible Cacodemon replacements). Etc. So all Cacos in that level will be the same (new) enemy, instead of the current crazy menagerie.

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