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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by SAmik37 »

Heya guys. Yup, we been silent for too goddamn long. Anyway, if you want to know who the hell i am, short answer is "Lead developer" of this project. You see, this project started long time ago by two of us (Maxi and me). Maxi was original lead developer who made majority of this mod. And i.. Just rookie compared to his masterworks, who helps with this project, but all my work almost always end up been reworked by Maxi himself, to hold up quality of the mod. But one day Maxi just got really tired by this project and give me full rights to continue work on this project, also made me as new "Lead developer". Both of us are very overwhelmed by study, work, etc. So yeah, project end up being dead and abandoned. After Maxi left development of this project, i some time keep working on it, and hell, even manage to make some small but cool updates that been approved by Maxi. But my motivation drain too fast, so i also stop working on this. Latest build still on my PC, with some minor changes and fixes, maybe i make it public someday. That's really shame you know, we just can't handle such an ambition project. But i have fun working on this, and i am glad that lots of people love what we did here! Thanks again guys!

Second thing i want to discuss is that we have an idea to give this project further development to community. You see, most (If not all) gameplay elements are done. Weapons, monsters, items, etc. Done and polished. So only one thing is left.. Maps. Lots and lots of maps. So this is a main issue, we don't have a really good and motivated mapper to make all maps. Maxi is extremely good mapper, but he hate this and don't want to make maps anymore. So that why when he done all coding things, he left project to me. So maybe community help is our only way out, but i don't know, we need really good map makers to keep up a quality of the mod. Well, maybe i figure out something one day. Or just release latest dev. build to public and say "Guys, project is dead, you free to finish it". I just need some feedback to understand what to do with this situation, so free to leave a comment what you think best for a project, i be glad to hear any advice.

And last one.. That one for AndrewMRX. Yup, you made a awesome job by making this. But i think this is a little bit overkill for this project. Yes, we aim to make a stunning visuals but this just feels.. Not right. But i don't want to just throw away all your awesome job because "I don't like it". I think someone find this appealing (And especially good machine to run this), so i be glad if this can be optional addon to run along with main file.

Well, thanks everyone for your attention! I really surprised that this project still keep interest of you guys. You are awesome. Hope one day this project see a full v1.0 release.
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by Captain J »

Sorry about the talented mapper left your project since every single map of this game is really looking great and detailed, but as long as other mappers would volunteer for this neat project, it's not really dead. Again, if they're inclined to do so!
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by Clownman »

I really think this would benefit being some sort of community project if you are looking for mappers. I'm sure you'd get a lot more willing to chip in and help out rather than keeping it in an enclosed circle. Again, just my suggestion: Just open up and I'm sure people would love to help with it. The community is full of talented mappers and I'm sure a lot would love to work on some project relating to the Blood series.
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by MadMax21 »

TiberiumSoul wrote:this is v0.1 my friend not everything is done yet. i hate to say it but load Re-Blood up with the maps from ZBlood if you cant wait patiently

on another note:
Can u tell how to load Re-blood with classic Blood maps? I tried everything...
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by primaris82 »

jablon1000 wrote:You can use zblood or zbloodyhell maps as base of new maps. Or you can make also compability patches for this mods if you like.
how? can you make one?
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by PurpleRhino83 »

The dl links for this and his other mod, Re-Powerslave seems to be down. What gives?
Edit: The gdrive link in the video is still up fyi
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by Void Warrior »

Found an Alternative Link to Re-Blood Version 0.3! ... t_J2v/view
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by Colerx »

^^ nice thanks!
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Re: Re-Blood | Relase | v 0.1

Post by deepened »

Cool! 😊

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