OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (released)

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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

I am working on a weapons aim camera system for aircraft. When activated, it will change and optimize some behaviors in the selected weapons and will give a fast action and different touch to the game.
The appearance of this function is very similar to the controversial "Dogfighting mode" (DFM) found in (Ace Combat Assault Horizon) but in my game I will not make the same mistakes.

Spoiler: DFM
My Zv-75 aircraft will still not have many details in its painting because when I try, the plane always seems to be painted in pencil. In addition, everything is more complicated with the layers of P.B.R. since I am not sure which is the correct combination to give it a more realistic finish. When I find a promising solution, the plane will be painted.

The new look for the Head-Up-Display / HUD continues in the design phase.
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Enjay »

Glad you're still working on this. It's looking increasingly impressive; a nice intersting take on what the game engine can do too.
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

Thank you very much.

I am now improving the collision geometry
of the Greek island Kasos / Κάσος.
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

the improvements and reconstruction of the kasos / Κάσος island are complete.
The most difficult part of this whole process was to manually redefine and extend the edges of the entire island and its small islets in order to add a more realistic sea.

Commercial games like A.C. and especially HAWX,
they can separate / limit
their terrain from large oceans,
small lakes and thin rivers
very easily with an extremely
precise pixel overlay technique.

In the absence of that technology, I built a method similar to that of GTA-SanAndreas. which is much more complicated and time consuming since the 3D edges are what separate the land from the sea.
After all the rebuilding and improvements on the island, I started exporting all the new geometry to GZDoom-Builder. And with many tries, I learned how to make automated adjustments and texture changes so that I could easily import new geometries / terrain in the future.
Here are some screenshots of the game:
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

I am at many crossroads.
I would like to create a new graph
(STARTUP) because the old F-15_SMTD
was replaced and removed. but the new
Zv-75 aircraft still has no painted details.
Originally I wanted to add a parts
exchange system. in fact, the exhaust
nozzles can be interchangeable.
but it is no longer possible to apply that to
the entire plane. it needs to be modified to
the point of creating a new one.
and even if I leave the plane as it is. The UV
texture map is always giving me a lot of
unexpected problems for being made of a
single texture / piece.

Another problem is the keyboard / control
scheme. who is stopping designs for a new H.U.D.
from before, the game is using a system:
"left weapon - right weapon"
but the new one (weapon aim camera
system) is complicating the use of the
controls. so I have to think about how to simplify it.

I also have many doubts about whether to
make the game more:
realistic / simulator / boring.
or transform it into more:
video game / arcade / fun.
I've been playing recently (Gundam-ExtremeVS)
I always wanted to add many of its
weapons, sounds and effects. but now
that I have many doubts, it is really
inspiring me a lot. And there is an old
version on my PS2 with some planes that
maybe can give me some advice and answers. :idea:
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

I was meditating some days.
I had to solve many dilemmas
in the project.

in short, the game will be more "arcade".
a mix between (Zone_of_the_enders_2 & Gundam_EXVS)
with some elements and features from (Macross)

And for that I needed a new plane faster
and much more versatile.
inspired by the (X-9 Ghost)
the new (AMG-9 Sauber) It is much simpler
in geometry than the previous one (Zv-75)
which allowed it to be developed
in a few days. And now yes,
this new plane will have interchangeable parts.
I am still experimenting with his
painting and at the moment everything
is working as expected

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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

with the head of the (AMG 9 Sauber)
carried out new tests of P.B.R. and
finally more detailed paint designs.
the results turned out to be
somewhat acceptable.

but the really important thing was the
tests with (interchangeable parts).
Although it is working fine, the "Tuning"
of a supersonic plane turns out to
be more complicated and restricted
than in the slow street cars of
my imagination.

later and for a few days, I was thinking
without much success, what give to my
planes more speed and agility.
my brother gave me the answer:
add 2 Extra "Engine side nozzles"

To make this idea really possible,
I first thought about the "side" nozzles
of the (Harrier Jump Jet) but
after researching, its engine is
somewhat slow and big.

Although it turns out that it uses a
variant of the interesting (Pre-Cooled Jet Engine)
that with its incredible and
performance, is just what I need to
thrust a new generation of hypersonic
and highly maneuverable aircraft.

edit: pre-cooled engine was replaced. :idea:
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (WIP)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

programming has long been in
the background.
I am exploring in the design,
appearance, engineering,
style and philosophy of my
new generation of aircraft and
the whole project in general.

After research, hypersonic aircraft
designs are generally:
arrows, wedges and strange missiles.

this is functional, credible and realistic.
but it is not very interesting.

So I started looking for many
weeks for something that could
be interesting, different and
functional as possible.

and the only really interesting
designs on the whole internet were:

macross plus game: Neo glaug
L.G.H. die neue these: Brünhild

there are very few images of the
Variable / Neo glaug.
so it is currently not possible to
explore its concept further.

Brünhild on the other hand, I love it.
its head is very long and flat.
almost like a sword. which is perfect for
the new Hypersonic speeds of the project.
There is a lot of information about
this spacecraft, so I'm already trying
to adapt and improve its design in
order to add it to the project.

Since many Sabres and swords have
begun to appear in the project,
the thermal shield necessary for
hypersonic flight and even an
atmospheric re-entry, will have
the texture of a (Damascus sword).
with that the PBR will be more
visible and I will gain more style.

I'm still in time to get ahead of the
(SR-72 Darkstar & Enemy Strike Jet)
seen in detail only on toys, and
they are clearly super fast.

the ADF-11 already ruined many
things for me and it is forcing me
to use the (8 generation fighter jet)
to be different.
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (released)

Post by Deybar_TECH »


1: Ace Combat 7 - Space elevator.
2: Ace Combat 3 - Zero gravity mission
3: Air Force Delta Strike - the possible next AC8 space boosters

Acepedia The International Space Elevator:
"The ocean of stars in our galaxy is finally within our reach ...
The universe lies ahead of us, waiting to be discovered. And now, at last,
we have a gateway to ascend to it. Over and over again."
- Kei Nagase

Space flight games and simulators, at one time popular, had for much of the
new millennium been considered a "dead" genre. However, Some more recent games,
most notably Elite: Dangerous, and No Man's Sky, have brought new attention
to the space trading and combat game subgenre.

all this time it has been happening in front of my eyes without realizing it.
It's probably because I still can't play (Ace Combat 7) and because my 2016
goals didn't allow me to see further. But thanks to the concept of hypersonic airplanes, everything is changing.

Since this last one (2020 - August) for the first time I have focused totally on the
aesthetic and conceptual aspects of the project. When I discovered that my technology
and my game were still oriented towards Ace Combat, I felt the obligation to design much
more maneuverable planes as I had seen in the games (Gundam) to distance myself from A.C.

The apparently hypersonic (precooled-jet-engine) with their “Engine Side Nozzles” seemed
to be the explanation my planes needed. But after a lot of research and analysis,
I found big problems. And together with the new objective of surpassing the
ADF-11: “Seventh generation”, I began to look for engines that can operate efficiently in space.

remembering an idea from my childhood and being inspired by the real one
(Nassikas Superconducting Thruster)

2021: Emidio Laureti PNN ( Propulsione Non Newtoniana)

design the new engines (ReactionLess Drive)
that can not only work in space, but also allow travel to other nearby planets
and stars with relative ease. These features, along with many others,
expanded the scope of the project much more than I expected.

I have to admit, all this expansion left me somewhat disoriented.
and I have to figure out how to solve all these hypersonic and space challenges.
Or if it's better to stay where I was so I release the latest development of OZ Vision.
there are some very recent improvements but it is still experimental.

If you download it, please comment how it works or if there is an error.
any suggestion or question is fine.

There are some errors in (Menu) and in the latest version of GZDoom (4.5.0) so I recommend using the version (gzd 4.4.2).
the console is eliminated, use the code: 369.

I included some music but they are cut to little more than a minute.
I don't know if it's wrong, or if I can include them in full or if I have to
remove them. but these songs would be part of the soundtrack of the complete game.

download: OZ Vision
http://www.mediafire.com/file/s97akcyba ... N.zip/file
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (released)

Post by Ferretmanjcdenton »

Hi ..can I ask which version of doom I need ?
I tried lz and gz but it looks broken ..
Zandronum crashes directly when I try loading it ..
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (released)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

I used GZDoom v4.4.2 or the latest
gzd 4.5 but in this the menu is deformed.

The Mod uses ZScript codes so it
will never work with the current Zandronum 3.

Any Doom IWAD can be used as a base.
I have to investigate how to transform
it into the same IPK3 base.
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Re: OZ VISION - Futurist Aircraft Simulator (released)

Post by Deybar_TECH »

In mid-2020 "Hypersonic" or "hypersonic speed"
was the most influential word or capability
in this flight simulator project and was an important turning point that,
along with many other new features such as "Reactionless" engines,
stopped the game in its tracks. development of the new generation of the project
that was going to have the name "Flight Vision Link" or F.V.L.

while waiting for better support for 3D models in GZDoom
and perusing in the background the overwhelming new features
of a hypersonic space flight simulator game,
for a while now I started hearing in the news about "hypersonic missile" launch
and that finally Top Gun 2 Maverick is going to be released in a few weeks.

I have to mention that I don't like Top Gun and its music at all.
but I am aware that the "Enemy Strike Jet"
and especially the Lockheed Martin SR-72 "Darkstar"
will probably have hypersonic flight capabilities.

The worldwide spread of these weapons in the news
along with the release of this movie will surely cause
many flight simulators to suddenly add weapons
and copies of the Darkstar in their hangars.

thinking about these future trends has motivated me to visit my frozen project......
but I don't think I can return to the project yet.

I am currently very busy renovating 3D weapons and ammunition
in my Gameplay Mod for Zandronum
and sometimes I am improving the sound management
in my XD-M audio pack.

When I finish my other projects and clear my mind,
I will go back to airplanes with a less ambitious approach
since the project will sacrifice 6DOF to suit mainly Zandronum
and to simplify the game's operation, controls and game mechanics.

I still want to make a 6DOF air + space simulator
with ships and hypersonic "Reactionless" engines a reality.
but this bold concept has to keep maturing
and I have to get more powerful computer components
to be able to install some unlimited game engine like Unreal Engine.

in 2020-2021 I wrote the following timeline of the project
and I planned to publish it just before the release of Top Gun Maverick,
but when its release was canceled due to the world pandemic,
I also canceled the publication of this timeline until the day of today:

Project Time Line wrote: "2016: ancient engines:"

I already tried it in other places and with other creation systems,
but when I discovered that in Doom I could create something
very similar to a "flight simulator",
from the first (3D_ACE) I wanted to show
that I am fascinated by airplanes and their jet engines.
and even though I didn't know all about jet engine engineering,
I did my best with a 3D (Afterburner) for the old one (ADF-01 FALKEN).

I only needed to create/animate (2D-thrust vectoring) but the tests
on the canard ailerons showed me that this would be quite difficult
with code (DECORATE & ACS). In addition, I still had to solve many problems
and develop more efficient methods and technologies
in order to create my ideal aircraft game.

(ZScript) appeared at the end of my generation (EASA).
but it was not until (OZ Vision) that I decided to learn and replace
many codes (DECORATE & ACS) with this new tool.

ZScript allowed me to more easily animate the 2D ailerons
and nozzles of the (F-15 S/MTD). but while editing the
F-15's nozzles in (Blender), I realized they were just dark cavities with no detail.

So I began to investigate more in depth the operation and appearance of jet engines
in order to represent them in more detail and as realistic as possible.

other elements such as guided missiles joined this investigation.
but in the end it became clear that the F-15 could no longer support
all possible applications of ZScript.

Looking for a replacement, I analyzed many other downloaded aircraft,
but due to its many structural errors, I decided to create
an (Su-57 PAK FA) aircraft from scratch.
but during its construction, I wanted to change some parts.
so after many changes and total reconstructions,
I completed the (Zv-75 Pack Phase) that together with renewed
movement codes (6DOF by dodopod) and more efficient animation systems,
this plane and the island (Kasos) with geometry and textures from real life,
they are the end result of years of development and research that began in December 2016.

"new goals and precooled engines:"

as much of my technology was "demonstrated"
this was enough to motivate me to stop experimenting and create a
"complete video game" for GZDoom.

I started an analysis of the type of game / story that I could build with
all the technology that I developed in these years,
and it turns out that even though I added new future objectives
such as (interchangeable parts) my project and its codes continued
to be oriented towards (Ace Combat) that He has kept his style of play
without much change since 1995.

that's why I started looking at
many other games to broaden my horizons. That's why,
after giving up for a long time, I went back to playing the (Gundam)
arcade games and they were the ones that really influenced me to change
my thinking and playing style.

but as it is recurrent in me, applying the great maneuverability of the Gundam
in a fighter planes needed a logical, credible and realistic explanation.

That is why the concept of "engine side nozzles" appeared,
but to make this idea a reality, they needed a new type of much more powerful engine.

It was so while searching a bit among some saved pages,
I found the theoretical (precooled jet engine) and its greatest exponent,
the engine (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine = SABER)
that not only has great performance and power,
this engine is accompanied by a revolutionary feature: "hypersonic speed"

Now, this feature is very interesting. since about 1950 engineers in many countries
have been trying to build a vehicle that can fly continuously at more than
5 times the speed of sound (6174 km/h).
The reason, a hypersonic platform is sought after for its great intercontinental range,
its clear advantage and immunity over many aircraft/missiles that are limited
at (mach 2.6 = 3180 km/h) and the ability to reach sub-orbital space.

It was generally believed that the only way to achieve these speeds on a sustained basis was with the engines (S.C.Ram Jet). but these are quite unstable and cannot be tested efficiently or cheaply on land. so its data is secret and very scarce: "The X-43A ship was designed to crash into the ocean without recovery. The geometry of the ducts and the performance of the X-43 are classified."

It was thus that I began to discard years of knowledge and research of slower conventional jet engines, for hypersonic pre-cooled engines (SABRE). since as these use Hydrogen as fuel, their visual effects would shine in the invisible spectrum (ultraviolet). besides that they are built in a very different way.

in real life. The concept (Sixth generation jet fighter) has no plans to use hypersonic speed. so thanks to the "precooled" SABER engine I planned to label my planes as (seventh generation jet fighter). but as I continued to search and learn more hypersonic and aerospace information, I discovered that the (ADF-11) from (Ace Combat 7), claimed to be a "7th generation" aircraft.
previously, that aircraft was primarily responsible for the cancellation of
"interchangeable parts" because the only parts available for a supersonic aircraft
had to be similar to the ADF-11.

To avoid being an opportunistic copy of ADF-11,
it had to gather many new features to create an 8th generation.
and reviewing the capabilities of the SABER engines again,
I remembered that these were designed to propel your aircraft (Skylon)
into sub-orbital space. this is a characteristic that the hypersonic engines (SCRamJet)
always tried to achieve and this was something that surely ADF-11 could never achieve.

"thruster to space:"

space has always been a fictitious place that has not interested me
much due to many personal prejudices. but when I discovered that the hypersonic speeds
of the engines (SABRE & SCRamJet) allow the capability (Single-Stage-To-Orbit = SSTO),
I began to see space missions with some potential for my project.

now, a space plane once in the sub-orbit/space environment and due to the lack of dense air,
has to use (Rection Control Systems = RCS) and in the PS2 game (Air Force Delta Strike)
this problem is tried to be solved adding plasma thrusters to your conventional aircraft
during the latest missions set entirely in space.

the "Engine Side Nozzles = ESN" concept seemed to fit the bill because it would
improve the visual style of the planes, greatly increase agility,
provide control in space and apparently give my planes V-STOL capabilities.
and this is a feature that I always wanted to include in my planes.

but an investigation of the (North American Aviation X-15 & Space shuttle)
that used true RCS controls, revealed that these huge ESN would not last long
due to the high fuel consumption,
the V-STOL propulsion would dangerously burn the ground
and the exaggerated infrastructure little practice would hinder hypersonic flight.

And unless the whole project deviates into a more insane and pointless style of gameplay.
there was no way to continue using these engines with a realistic approach.

all these functional problems created strong doubts in the "precooled engine"
and its ESN.

without being able to credibly fly in space, the new 8th generation seemed impossible.
until reviewing some new engine concepts, I came across an idea from my childhood.
Since a long time ago, I saw a documentary on magnetic levitation
and immediately designed a engine that would take advantage of this phenomenon to propel
a HomeMade UFO-saucer.

During the development of my (Vanguard vision.pk3) I found those missing papers
so I started to investigate. but since the priority at the time was to build my own 6DOF system,
I only kept the pages of the real magnetic motor which was unexpectedly hard to find.

Now, reviewing the saved pages, I really expected to find a lot of historical information
about scientists all over the world using the effect of magnetic levitation to
propel some kind of vehicle. but strangely that idea was only documented and invented
by (Dr. Athanassios Nassikas) from Greece that in real life, his "Nassikas Superconducting Thruster"
produces 0.2 grams of power when the superconductor is cooled to cryogenic temperatures.
once cooled, the boost will continue as long as it stays cool.

later versions that unfortunately did not work, would have generated:
"a levitation force more than 13 times greater than its weight."

the coincidence of the kasos island of "greece",
the incredible potential of this engine and my childhood dream of creating
a UFO in my house with this thruster, made me consider using its superconducting engine
for my new hypersonic planes.

but, even if Nassikas's most ambitious theories had worked,
possibly his engine would have to be wrapped in strong magnetic fields.

my research on the russian hypersonic aircraft (ajaks) showed me that the magnetic fields
of their technology (MagnetoHydroDynamic = MHD) can be used to control strong airflow,
nullify the noisy "sonic boom", use plasma stealth to generate electricity
and give extra drive/control.

all of these benefits would surely be disrupted by Nassikas' own superconducting drive.
but, very recent investigations revealed that electro-magnetism is something fundamental
in this type of motors cataloged as "ReactionLess".

what is a reactionless engine?

The name comes from Newton's third law:
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
a "Reaction Less" concept is about an engine that apparently does not generate
its propulsion through the "reaction" that is generated
by expelling air/plasma/energy/mass in the opposite direction of the impulse obtained,

as if all engines do. other means of propulsion that have been invented in history.

this type of motor is very controversial and is generally not considered physically possible.
In addition, they are frequently related to anti-gravity which,
in turn, is related to UFO conspiracies.

so many times these engines are accused of being pseudoscience and fantasy.

If you look for information on this topic you will only find possible errors,
defamations, attacks and complaints from the scientific community.

reactionless do not work with "magic", there are real mathematical calculations
and devices that have shown that this concept is really possible.
but unfortunately someone always appears destined to deny these tests with
very aggressive and almost desperate explanations.

The main reason for this strong skepticism is because currently,
these engines can barely generate visible/measurable propulsion
and the force they generate is usually measured in grams.

the lie of (Dean Drive) and the study by NASA of the worst possible engine
called: EmDrive,
contribute to the bad reputation of Reactionless engines.
but if at some point these devices are officially confirmed and respected to work,
this would eliminate the need to transport fuel/propellant in cars,
planes and ships. which would greatly facilitate space travel and revolutionize history.

how it works?

Electromagnetic force is one of the 4 fundamental forces of the universe.
which are the absolute cosmic concept of existence.
and after much research in many different places,
it doesn't seem strange to me that coincidentally the following real-life engines
and concepts use Electricity+Magnetism and/or superconducting materials.

Stoyan Sarg: SARG Antigravity Thruster

Thomas Townsend Brown: Biefeld-Brown

Ning Li: AC Gravity

Eugene Podkletnov: Gravity shield/beam

James f. Woodward: Mach Effect Thruster

Athanassios Nassikas: Nassikas Superconducting Thruster

Emidio Laureti: Non-Newtonian Propulsion


calculations and explanations that these concepts propose have many differences between them.
they only coincide with the use of Electricity and/or Magnetism to control
(Inertia, Gravity, SpaceTime, autoiteration) and the recurring mention
of Maxwell's equations, the Casimir effect and the Mach principle.

In my personal opinion, all of them are (Quantum vacuum thruster = Q-thruster/QVT)
where the engines react to pushing the quantum vacuum of the universe,
which is the same one that limits the maximum speed of the
electromagnetic waves that make up the light
that at its Once again,
299,792,458 km/s is an essential constant to understand energy, inertia,
mass, time and space.

so there are no violations of conservation of energy
or other fundamental laws of physics.

"The Ultimate Reactionless Drive:"

In my childhood drawings, submerging a super magnet in liquid nitrogen
was what produced levitation and thrust.
Nassikas engine taught me that in real life,
the concept is more complicated and more elements are required
to produce that propulsion.

so inspired by a real event, I am re-building the fictitious engine
of my childhood but this time, without any magnet.

In the future, small bell-shaped pieces have been built/molded that if cooled,
and similar to real materials (superconductors) will begin to produce thrust.
As they get cooler, the hoods will produce more momentum.

There are many real techniques to cool bells to very low temperatures,
but possibly, methods similar to those of magnetic resonance machines
(Philips Ingenia Ambition 1.5T: Blue Seal) will be used,
which do not require much cryogenic liquid Helium to cool
their superconducting magnets.

With that same technology, perhaps the hoods can be heated and cooled
very quickly so that they are not uncontrollable.

then these bells would be enclosed within a cylinder. The multiple bells,
being suspended on resistant axles, can rotate inside the cylinder in order
to quickly redirect or counter their thrusts without the need to heat the engine.

This, in addition to saving thermal and electrical energy, would be an
excellent alternative in the case of not being able to heat/cool them quickly enough.

(Hyper-Maneuverability = Hyper-M) was introduced by the "ADIFO" design.
this ability differed from the previous one (Super-M: 3D Thrust Vectoring Control)
by also adding many V-STOL lift fans, creating ducts in the jet engine
to use systems (RCS) that can also reverse thrust.
all together they provide the (Hyper-M) in a real life UFO-Saucer.

In my engines, the X-axis rotation of the entire cylinder,
and the internal Y-axis rotation of the bells, can quickly vector thrust in any direction.
which means that with a minimum of 3 engines in a triangular arrangement,
safer V-STOL than precooled engines would finally be possible,
better controls without fins for atmosphere/space providing more stable
(Hyper-M) class maneuverability and simple than in the ADIFO.

Previously and even with the help of some (precooler) "Turbo" jet engines have always
had to limit the efficiency of their combustion to protect the turbines from overheating.
rockets can maintain the same performance even in outer space,
but they use up their limited fuel in seconds.
These and other details limit true hypersonic speed in traditional engines
and complicated Scramjets.

but, if an engine could drive your rig with the same high power for hours,
hypersonic speed wouldn't be a problem.

In real life, trips to the planet Mars take many months because
the ships travel with the same momentum with which they are launched off the ground.
There are no thrusters that can keep going for the entire trip with a lot of thrust.

Not to mention the incredible calculations of orbital mechanics to guess where
and when to launch the ships in the first place.

now, a Reactionless can still give a lot of thrust without spending much electricity
or thermal energy because the same outer space can be used to cool the superconducting drive.

Thanks to this continuous acceleration, the ship will reach very high speeds,
which will simplify orbital mechanics and drastically reduce the time of interplanetary travel.
for Mars, the trip would be less than a week.

"errors and problems:"

The biggest mistake is that I try to create "real" technology concepts
and then contradict myself by adding or resorting to elements that are inexplicable
anyway and all this within a video game.

finally I am already very far from the traditional (Ace Combat)
thanks to the new (Reactionless Drive = RLD)
but unfortunately there are many visual problems with this new concept of "planes"
equipped with (RLD).
since their motors run very quietly, they don't expel any kind
of spectacular energy/fire anywhere, they can run almost indefinitely without overheating,
they won't be affected by stall since they don't require air to take off/fly/maneuver
so neither use ailerons or air brakes.

all these characteristics make these planes very uninteresting
compared to any other flying vehicle in history.

Each generation of fighter planes has to be superior to the previous one
with a wide variety of characteristics.
something that does not correctly explain the ADF-11 "seventh generation".
So when I imagined an "8th generation" I knew that this concept had to be
able to go out into space and even be able to reach another planet without any assistance.
an RLD-equipped aircraft can definitely meet those requirements.
but since that engine is not a "reaction jet" engine, you cannot present
your plane as an (8th "generation jet" fighter).
a possible solution was to add Russian-style (Ajaks) assisted Ramjets (MHD)
to at least be a hybrid.
But those Ramjets would be dead weight in space.

Since I don't use "Anti-Gravity" systems as in (StarFox) the hypersonic speeds
combined with the (Hyper-M) would cause large (G Force) capable of damaging
the aircraft structure to be fatal to an average pilot.
maybe he can devise some kind of suit/system/cockpit that can
reduce the "G's" applied to the pilot.
blackouts seem to be appreciated in other flight sims,
so maybe this could be an alternative to "overheating".

A consequence of sustained hypersonic flight is that it reduced
the size of the planet to that of a small country.
The (RLD) not only allow to leave and maneuver off the planet, but also allow interplanetary travel
and even to other nearby stars.

Compared to aviation, this space environment is not something so familiar to me,
and as I investigate, I am finding great challenges that, even if they continue to delay the project,
I am very excited to overcome.

A minor issue is the type of heat shield material needed for hypersonic flight
and atmospheric re-entry. I know almost nothing about the materials required for those situations,
so the properties and the elaboration of my visually similar shield (Damascus steel)
will remain a mystery and will be mainly an artistic element.

my little previous interest in outer space will surely make me make many mistakes
during the creation of the story. and future stories may gradually increase in scale.
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