[Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

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[Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by GhostPlayer »

Hi Doomers :D

Note: This wad I finish it at the beginning of December 2018

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Actualizacion v1.0 --------------------------------------------------------------

Here I bring you an update of the WAD in which I modified to make the game more enjoyable, modify the monsters I put more ammunition and modify some places.

* Apply ResetInventory on the *
* MapInfo for some levels
* Modify the exit on the map "sacrifice"
* I put the Block Monster commands, so that the monsters do not fall
* Corrected the text of the secret map xD
* Fixed Secret "Map 20"

Now if after almost 1 year editing this MegaWAD I can finish it

What I wanted to do was to relive the classic. 30 maps, with 1 secret map and 1 super secret map.

Trailer the [Eternal Nightmare]:

Story of WAD:

You are the only surviving mariner of the attack made by the gods of the 12 sodiac Symbols
to the earth, you managed to escape with scarce penalties, you grabbed a Sector X87
Ship from the base of the Marines. To escape but to avenge your family's death and of all humanity,
you swore revenge you will not rest until end with each one of the gods. For this you will have to travel
the 12 galaxies in which the judgment will fall
divine of you and of the strength of all mankind.

History of construction:

This wad came from a very crazy idea, which was to create a megawad because I wanted to
to test me up to what level I could get from editing. This was thanks to a great job and friend who
helped me in everything that was possible both to search for music, to edit and with ideas for maps.

The levels were all created by me (both levels and details), in which Sengenjin was the one who
I help with the base of some maps and throwing ideas, to which I accommodate the bugs, the difficulty
and the details (both in sprites and in textures). In summary, the 32 maps were created by me.

The mapping was not easy, I had to learn many things that I did not know, and thanks to this
I could achieve the forum. Thank you

Link V1.1:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/iw8jy3mdu ... 1.wad/file

* Eternal nightmare without restriction of anything :D "Mouse Loook"
http://www.mediafire.com/file/9b005q1b7 ... k.wad/file

Code: Select all

Details of the difficulty (it is well marked):
***//Easy = 30% of the difficulty of WAD
***//Medium = 50% of the difficulty of WAD
***//Hard = 100% of the difficulty of WAD

Detail of WAD:
Game : Doom 2
Editing : GZdoom (Doom in Hexen Format)
Test Ports : GZdoom, Zandronum
Maps : 32
Game : Doom2
Jumping : No
crouching : No
Freelook : No
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : yes (but is experimental, Not testing)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : No
Difficulty Settings : Yes
Anims : Yes
All the credits, midi, textures and everything related to the wad can be found
in the credits within the wad.
* Important * : Ihope you like it and have fun, if you find any textures error or have
some problem with a specific port, let me know so I can correct it.

PD: Sorry for my bad English >.<

* I hope you have fun :D *
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Re: [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by AvzinElkein »

Does it work with other wads, like Guncaster?
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Re: [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by MFG38 »

AvzinElkein wrote:Does it work with other wads, like Guncaster?
Far as I can observe from the trailer, none of the enemies or weapons have been modified in any way, so it should.
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Re: [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by GhostPlayer »

AvzinElkein wrote:Does it work with other wads, like Guncaster?

the only thing I added was the hit wick of the secret map and I changed the sound to the chaingunner, after that I tried not to touch anything. I do not know if online

traduccion the google XD Sorry my english is bad, very bad
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Re: [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by JadedLexi »

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Re: [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by GhostPlayer »

JadedLexi wrote:

it looks interesting the mod :D
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Re: [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares

Post by Someonewhoplaysdoom »

Hola :V (soy tambien hispanohablante, pero posteare mi opinion en ingles para mejor entendimiento en el foro, aprovechando que casi no hay nada en este hilo de ZDoom XD)

Well, I actually played this megawad until map15 because I somehow got Softlocked on the area with the megasphere, so I don't know if there's a bad interaction with DRLA + monsters. Still, I stop playing because I don't have enought patience

For the mapping its so far the best thing Eternal Nightmares have, its detailed and Beautiful, and with other style of monster encounters it could work really good. The encounters are hard as hell and normally you need to save/load a lot and have a lot of luck to not dying (or playing this with something really broken). That could make the maps fun to play but the real problem of the Megawad is the constant lack of resources while playing, which is incredible notorious on the transition of the two first maps: Tackling the last part with almost not medikits and using chainsaw to save all the ammo you can on map 1, then spawning on a really close area with few health and ammo that will become an infighting arena with 0 space for dodging. The ammo issues became less problematic on some latter maps, but the lack of health items on most transitions from the last part of a level and the beggining of the next are really a continuous moment killer.

That alone makes the megawad ridiculously unfair and imposible to play on some parts, so I don't even understand why adding other elements like elevators with short activation that have enemies to kill (even a cyberdemon), extremely fast hazard floors, or even reset the player weaponry to 0 and putting him on corridors with boss-level enemies at map13(?). Dealing with hard ambushes on claustrophobic areas works well as its shown on MegaWads like Unholy Dreams or Going Down, when you have enought ammo and health to recover later and continue, but not at this style.

I don't say this megawad is bad, but is definitely something that you should play with a PowerFantasy mod rather than trying with vainilla or more balanced mods. Like they said on Doomworld "Its not a wad for all Public" :ugeek:

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