[Testing] Verdant Citadel

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Re: [Testing] Verdant Citadel

Post by _mental_ »

Works fine for me. Create a topic in Bugs subforum and attach crash report there.
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Re: [Testing] Verdant Citadel

Post by Enarkz »

I had no bug with a fairly heavy usage of mods
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Re: [Testing] Verdant Citadel

Post by dgzoom »

Oh, no! I've been stuck for an hour.. where's the purple key?!

Finally, I spotted it from below and remembered stepping off the elevator to it. Now it seems impossible to get up there.

I noticed the platform with the button and know that a bunch of maps have traps like that: Press the button, take the elevator (usually) down and get surrounded by monsters. So I pressed it and backed off: Game over.

Great map otherwise: extra key, dropping keys, full(?) 3D, swimming..

Another thing: The secret area holding 2 cell packs (water, dark wall) counts as two secrets.

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