[Fixed] A_CustomRailgun used from projectile crash

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A_CustomRailgun used from projectile crash

Postby Jekyll Grim Payne » Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:06 am

A_CustomRailgun used on a projectile can result in some neat effects. However, it can't have its own decal; it'll ALWAYS use the decal of the projectile that fires it, even if you try to give it a custom puff that has no decals.

But if you try to use +FORCEDECAL on the rail puff, it crashes the game (tested on the newest dev build, as well as some earlier ones).

Attaching the file to illustate this. Use Plasma Rifle primary attack to fire plasmaballs that use A_CustomRailgun; those rails will always use "Scorch" decal defined in the plasmaball no matter what.

Use AltFire to fire the version that tries to force a separate decal; it crashes as soon as the rail hits a wall.
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