The Sentinel's Lexicon - PvE mapset Compilaition

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Void Warrior
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Re: The Sentinel's Lexicon - PvE mapset Compilaition

Post by Void Warrior »

Will there be a further update of "The Sentinel's Lexicon"? Or is the MEGA-Mapset finally abandoned? :geek:

It's been almost FOUR years, and I haven't left Beta yet. And Discord is dead. :(
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Re: The Sentinel's Lexicon - PvE mapset Compilaition

Post by AliciaPendragon »

Dunno if the mod is dead or not but theres some compat issues with Final Doomer
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Major Cooke
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Re: The Sentinel's Lexicon - PvE mapset Compilaition

Post by Major Cooke »

His latest commit on github was on May 30th for this mod so it's not dead. Probably just busy reworking stuff or taking a break. It's a huge project and a massive undertaking to sort out every texture.

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