UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

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UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

Postby DooMknight » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:21 am

This is a map that I started there in 2007, I was going to present it to a vanilla map tournament that year. The idea was to make a sequel to an old map of mine called Europe, but it ended up being so big and complex that I reached the limit of 65536 linedefs and I had to discard it for the tournament.
So in the end I left it parked and continued with other projects, until last year that I took it back and since then I have been working on it when time allowed. I eliminated the city part, since in 2013 I made a big city-type map called Vanilla Sky and didn't want to repeat the same formula...

At last this summer I had enough time to finish it. It has about 1000 enemies, many secrets and it takes about an hour and a half to finish it, although I have added auto-save points in the key places.

Although I added some new enemies and objects (minibosses and decoration), I tried to make sure they do not clash with the atmosphere of the map and most important, they don't give problems when playing with gameplay mods such as Brutal DooM, D4D or Beautiful DooM. I even recommend the experience of playing it with this kind of mods, with Brutal DooM this map will delight those looking for a real butcher shop.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

The map is about a marine who must infiltrate a UAC Corporation large base because there are indications that dangerous secret experiments related to portals and Satanism are taking place.
The protagonist is hidden in a truck of the UAC that goes to the complex getting to enter without major problems. But once inside the facilities he realizes that something terrible has happened there, it seems that he is not the only unexpected visitor...

  • Game: DOOM2
  • Recommended SP: GZDoom
  • Map: MAP01
  • Single Player: Designed for
  • Cooperative: Supported
  • Deathmatch: No
  • Other game styles: None
  • Difficulty Settings: Yes
  • Objects and decoration: NerdKoopa, CaptainToenail, Necrodome, Blox, Tormentor667, Gothic
  • Enemies: Tormentor667, Captain Toenail, Nanami, Ghastly_dragon, Keksdose, Herculine,Ben2k9/Virtue, Eriance, RAVEN Software
  • Textures: FuzzballFox, Enjay, EarthQuake, CaptainToenail, amv2k9, Cage, Zero X. Diamond, demo_the_man, MartinHowe, Nick Baker
  • Titlepic artwork: Espen Grundetjern
  • Music: Andrew G. Sega, Markus Merilainen, Patrick Phelan
  • Beta Testing: Degree23, Demonologist, NovaRain, elend, Phobus, HAK3180, AK-001, StormCatcher.77
  • Special thanks to my wife for her support and help these years while I was creating the map. And finally this map is dedicated to my 4 month old son.

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