game-doom-id and game-freedoom filters

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game-doom-id and game-freedoom filters

Postby Matt » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:41 pm

(or maybe just a "" filter since we've already got "doom.freedoom")

I've got a gameplay mod that (like many others) contains a lot of little aesthetic fixes that are really specific to the original Doom and its direct descendants, e.g.:

DSSHTGN edited to remove the racking sound
POSS/SPOS/PLAY E/F sprites firing from the shoulder
various HUD weapon sprites realigned to be properly centered on the screen

All of this, of course, breaks the look and feel if loaded into Freedoom - zombies suddenly change form when they shoot, shotgun sounds are inconsistent, weapon animations don't even begin make sense.

Right now the only way to prevent this content from appearing is either:
1. put them all into doom.doom1 and doom.doom2 filters, giving us 2 copies of the exact same information in one mod; or
2. include overrides for all affected assets in the doom.freedoom filter as well, regardless of whether the Freedoom version of the thing actually calls for any sort of fix (and possibly running afoul of the GPL if I, or any other modder, am not paying specific attention to this issue).

Either option is unpleasantly bloaty and hacky.

Can we have a filter that is specific to the id IWADs, for assets that could only ever work with them and not Freedoom?
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