vid_adapter -1 = primary video adapter

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vid_adapter -1 = primary video adapter

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As suggested by GFD in this thread (viewtopic.php?f=50&t=61517) I think it's a good idea to add "vid_adapter -1" and that will always be the primary video adapter.

Sometimes the video adapter numbers can get weird if you make changes without restarting (e.g. clone devices, then expand the view) can sometimes change the adapter number, even of the primary device.

-1 would be the default setting.

Can this be easily implemented?
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Re: vid_adapter -1 = primary video adapter

Post by Marisa the Magician »

It's technically possible but every OS has different mechanisms for getting the "primary display" (and there are some quirks to it, too, like the case where in X11 it's possible for a primary display to not be defined at all).

Re: vid_adapter -1 = primary video adapter

Post by Guest »

Many thanks for the excellent work. I have played GZDoom since its first release and been modding DOOM1.wad since the mid 90s.

I've recently connected a TV as a second monitor and encountered some strange behaviours. I apologise for not understanding the details behind the current behaviour, but it does seem odd to me that GZDoom doesn't behave as follows:

a) fullscreen staying on the primary monitor when entered into from the windowed version; or
b) fullscreen defaulting to the primary monitor.

When I was using a single monitor GZDoom behaved as expected; this issue only manifests when multiple displays/monitors are plugged in. Now that I've added a secondary monitor (a TV downstairs), even when I am using it as my primary display and GZDoom is opened and running in a window on it, fullscreen mode displays on my secondary monitor (the PC upstairs). The solution is to edit the CVAR vid_adapter (vid_adapter 1 = PC monitor; vid_adapter 2 = TV).

Every time I want to switch between the PC monitor or TV I have to edit settings either in the console or in the ini. I don't think this is ideal and not very user friendly; frankly it puts me off playing GZDoom in lieu of something else that just launches as expected when I'm downstairs in front of the TV with a controller (I know, sacrilege).

I don't think these expectations are unreasonable, as:
a) is the behaviour of all the borderless fullscreen games I've tested; and
b) is the behaviour of all the exclusive fullscreen games I've tested.

Some games even have an option in the display settings menu to choose which display you want to use.

I would appreciate if one of the developers could look into linking fullscreen mode to the primary display as default.

There are a number of older topics that have pointed out this issue too.


Many thanks,

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