Replicate "Player.StartItem" for a custom non-player class

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Replicate "Player.StartItem" for a custom non-player class

Post by Nash »

I want to replicate the functionality of Player.StartItem property for a custom, non-player class I'm making.

Specifically, the functionality of being able to specify a multiple list of arbitrary classes in the Default {} block and then have my custom class do what it will with that information.

How would I set this up?
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Re: Replicate "Player.StartItem" for a custom non-player cla

Post by ZzZombo »

Well... Player.StartItem is actually just DropItem hijacked... so you can hijack DropItem for that as well. IIRC there is no much magic behind the latter, so replicating a similar system shouldn't be too hard, with the grammar being the only obvious obstacle I can think of.

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