[WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

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[WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by AlpacaNox »

Latest video:


Might & Magic games (VI-VII-VIII) got a lot of resources that are pretty compatible with DOOM in general, it just takes a little bit of work to make them usable. I always loved both DOOM and M&M series and that is my attempt to give another breath to the art that is otherwise collecting dust.

Why VII? 3 games are relatively similar, although 6 doesn't have side attack frames for monsters, meaning that infighting will look not very nice. While 7 and 8 got the frames needed. And so to not disrupt the art style I decided to go completely with just 7, at least for now. In future anything can be done, I just feel like 7 will provide a good start.

The state of the project is "proof of concept",

The archive contains: [outdated]
  • 18 Monsters scripted with DECORATE in attempt to resemble the vanilla Doom monsters in behavior
  • A set of high resolution (128x256) wall textures (around 1k in total). All of them are scaled down using TEXTURES lump
  • Terrain tiles (Dirt (+Road), Grass, Snow, Desert, Badlands, Shore, Swamp)
  • A lot of misc actors such as trees, flowers, bushes, rocks, torches and etc with entries in GLDEFS and DECORATE
  • Ambient sounds
preview of wall textures included in the archive (zoomable)
mini version here
Spoiler: General Information
Spoiler: Screenshots
Spoiler: Videos
Requires GZDoom and DOOM2.wad
UI is tied to 16:9. The native resolution is 720p (1024) if you want a crispy picture. The fonts rely on that quite a lot.
Anything bigger then that will require "Use Linear Scaling" enabled in Video Mode options, texture filtering should be enabled as well.

Everything Doom related including the test map was made using solely SLADE.

SpriteShadow by Nash is included in the archive.


Download the latest version: MM7_71.PK3 [166MB]

A completely scripted Unicorn from M&M 8
Is not yet included so keeping the link here just in case.
Got it from BFG. Thanks a lot!

Screenshot gallery with images from the original title

YouTube There are some small videos regarding the project.

Special thanks to Sergey "GrayFace" Rozhenko for making and keeping most of the software I used to extract the resources.
Thanks to StormCat for making MM7View which allowed to access the string tables of the original game.
Make sure to also visit Ettingrinder, who made a lot of things regarding Witchaven, especially JOETOOLS which made possible to extract the sounds and music from the games.
Spoiler: Extracting resources on your own
Usage of anything in this post requires no permission (at least from me).
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Amuscaria »

Screenshots look fantastic. :O
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Nash »

Those levels look amazing! The Doom items spoil it for me though.
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by ramon.dexter »

Looks really sweet, but the stock doom weapons just break the atmosphere...

Fantasy MMVII themed shooter would be nice tho :wub:
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Dynamo »

Looks lovely! Looking forward to more!
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Cherno »

Good work. It begs for inclusion into some Heretic/Hexen mod.

I guess the glittering cloud enemies summoned by the wizards need the +NOBLOOD flag ;)
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by MaxRideWizardLord »

That looks like something a lot of effort put in to... Would be so lovely to play these maps as some extremely overpowered Wizard and eternally respawning monsters. :o
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Benito »

Sweet jesus christ on a bicycle, this is the single greatest thing I've seen in my entire life. Good work my dude.
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Tormentor667 »

Fantastic Screenshots! But it needs medieval weapons
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Hipnotic Rogue
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Hipnotic Rogue »

This would make for a fantastic Heretic texture replacement pack. :)
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Zan »

Incredible, you're doing God's work, mate
Shadowman, I hope you're seeing this :^)
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by felipesaldes »

Can't play, gives me this error message:
Unknown texture SFPNLONA
tested on Debian Stretch and GZDoom 3.5.0 (legacy version)
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by AlpacaNox »

Thank you! Somehow forgot to playtest the latest build. Everything should be working now.
Amuscaria, Nash, ramon.dexter, Dynamo, Cherno, MaxRideWizardLord, Benito, Tormentor667, Hipnotic Rogue, Zan, felipesaldes
Thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate it. Makes me want to continue working on it asap but can't really commit myself completely to that right now. :D
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by Horrorfreak106 »

Keep up the good work! This looks really neat :)
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Re: [WIP] Might & Magic VII in DOOM

Post by sinaptica »

Great work. This looks fantastic!

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