Controlled Shotgun Spread

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Controlled Shotgun Spread

Post by Exosphere »

Hello forums,

I've been thinking about trying something out with my shotgun weapon. I want to try and make it so that the spread of the pellets are fired in a specific pattern, similar to whats found in some arena shooters, such as Quake Champions, Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2. However, I have no idea how I would do something like this code-wise. If anyone has any ideas or code examples, it would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, I would also like it to work not only with A_FireBullets, but A_FireProjectile as well.
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Re: Controlled Shotgun Spread

Post by Matt »

A bunch of A_FireBullets calls that each fire 1 bullet with FBF_EXPLICITANGLE should get the effect you want.

Same thing with A_SpawnProjectile but you don't need that flag.

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