Compendium - Classic Megawad Compilation

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Re: Compendium - Classic Megawad Compilation

Post by fignewts »

Hello Dynamo,

I was going to send you a private message, but unfortunately I have just registered this account and I'm unable to due to the age (or it's disabled altogether, can't figure out which). Anyway, I was reaching out as I'd like to download this mod, as I'm trying to find the most maps possible to use with DOOM RPG/RLA but the link is currently broken. Any chance another can be posted?

All the best,
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Re: Compendium - Classic Megawad Compilation

Post by wildweasel »

I can't speak for Dynamo, but the link works fine for me. Is Mega.NZ blocked in your area?
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Re: Compendium - Classic Megawad Compilation

Post by Dr_Cosmobyte »

Apologies for the bump, but there's an error that i always come across when playing NeoDoom MAP14. I've downloaded Compenium v1a to make sure i wouldn't point to a solved issue. Played with LZDoom 3.88 x64:

After grabbing the Yellow Key in the center left of the map, this area with the arrow on the building in front is supposed to open and release a batch of enemies:


But instead, it turns into a translucent wall and you can only damage them by either going noclip inside or using splash damage to kill the enemies if they're right next to it.

The invisible door also does not open from inside.
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Re: Compendium - Classic Megawad Compilation

Post by Ventolin13 »

Is this still being worked on?
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Re: Compendium - Classic Megawad Compilation

Post by DeckardDetribine »

Hi, I've added all of the mapsets contained within to the Episode selection screen.
Made this for personal use with HDest, but I think that others could find some use in it.
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