Ultra-Crispy (WIP) 24/05/18 2 new weapons and more!

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Re: Ultra-Crispy (WIP) 24/05/18 2 new weapons and more!

Postby Valherran » Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:16 pm

Gideon020 wrote:Really? Cause I got it to work with ZBloody Hell no problem...

I wasn't aware it was even compatible, I thought it needed some changes done for that to work. Nevermind then.
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Re: Ultra-Crispy (WIP) 24/05/18 2 new weapons and more!

Postby delroku » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:24 pm

turns out it was Ketchup, but!...
there's something funny here, apparently you can get both the Zblood weapons and the Ultra Crispy ones, which, i wouldn't probably mind but the ammo seems to be different for every version of each weapon.
and yeah it looks weird...
btw there's still no voodoo doll, tommy gun or the rest of the dynamites right? no pressure tho i hope you plan on add them eventually.
aside from that works great now.
on a sidenote i like the machete althought you could add the pitchfork too kinda like the chainsaw maybe? it was a nice weapon to keep the zombies at a safe distance from you.
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Re: Ultra-Crispy (WIP) 24/05/18 2 new weapons and more!

Postby GAA1992 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:36 pm

Yes, although it's very cool, ketchup tends to bug the hell out of everything it touches, it seems.

It isn't exactly a bug if you are able to pick out Blood vanilla weapons and ammunitions, as i think (haven't looked inside the map) some of those things were replaced with exclusive actors instead of actors that replace vanilla ones. For this to work, it would be necessary a compatibility patch, and even then i cannot guarantee 100% success.

About the weapons:

The Voodoo Doll won't be in the cast, as the Cursed Heart fulfills it's function the desired way. Same for the Tommy Gun. The dynamites only lack a remote explosion mode, and i think i can add this, making the three TNTs into one.

Your suggestion about the pitchfork is cool, but i've already placed the same SuperShotgun spawner into the Chainsaw spot, so players which are going through Doom 1 maps won't miss the Assault Rifle and the Jackhammer.

Thanks for playing!
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Re: Ultra-Crispy (WIP) 24/05/18 2 new weapons and more!

Postby delroku » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:16 pm

nvm it turned out to be a bit more complicated, apparently there's also a problem with the dynamite not restocking ammo when you pick up more of it and actually being able to switch back to it like if it had ammo when cycling through weapons which is kinda annoying idk, Valherran might be right, it may need some sort of compatibility fixes for ZBlood.
Still a good mod to play other wads tho.
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