GZDooM 3.X.X Freezing/Locking up

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GZDooM 3.X.X Freezing/Locking up

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So recently around the beginning of April I started running into the game freezing around the stable releases of 3.2.X I believe. At random/unpredictable occurrences the game will freeze for around 5 seconds, and the audio play again as if nothing happened EXCEPT the video stays locked/frozen. I haven't run into this issue in previous versions, so I can only guess that it came from a system update, or as I've found in some posts, my system's processor, some more info would be much appreciated.
-Currently running the latest version of GZdoom v3.3.2
Processor: Intel Celeron N3050 1.60GHz
Ram: 4GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (I know it's crap)
-P.S also running most up to date drivers
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Re: GZDooM 3.X.X Freezing/Locking up

Post by Rachael »

There is a bug in the Intel drivers that, for whatever reason, when the GPU reaches a certain temperature it will cease rendering but it will not reset when it's safe to do so. There's no fix for this, certainly not from Intel's side, but nothing we can do on our side either.

Basically, running in lower detail modes, turning off anti-aliasing, lowering your resolution, turning on VSync, avoid mods that use custom shaders, things like that, will all help to mitigate this issue.

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