Sound effects play back differently between GZDoom versions

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Re: Sound effects play back differently between GZDoom versi

Post by A_D_M_E_R_A_L »

Chris wrote:What sounds? Vanilla sounds, or modded ones, and if the latter, from what mods?
Modded and from the mod I work on: EVP
Here are the 2 volume tests that I did:
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Re: Sound effects play back differently between GZDoom versi

Post by Chris »

It seems to be only a couple dB louder from my measurements. The sounds in question seem to be rocket_add1.ogg through rocket_add4.ogg, which are all stereo sounds used with 3D spatialization. I don't remember if it was GZDoom or another OpenAL app someone reported, but there was an issue where a stereo sound using 3D spatialization would have a sudden jump in volume when it moved onto the listener (a local sound), and a sudden dip when it moved off of the listener (a non-local sound). This created an inexplicable spike in volume when the sound position passed through the listener, which was due to the way it handled local vs non-local multichannel sound volumes. So there was a slight adjustment to the volume of non-local multichannel sounds to make the change less abrupt (a small increase for a non-local sound that's going to be attenuated anyway was preferable to a small decrease to a local sound's max volume). It also makes the behavior consistent between the various sound formats.

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