IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by irontusk341 »

Ichor wrote:SecActEnter (you can cause something to happen once the player enters a certain sector)
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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by Enjay »

And something that is really handy if you are using an editor such as UDB, the relevant flags will get meaningful descriptions telling you what they do (the blue ones). It makes them really easy to use.

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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by CaligulaWellington »

There are a lot of textures that are either missing, floating stretched into the missing sky. I don't know if there is a missing file not included in either the full version or the patch, or there's another kind of issue.

Things I have noted so far is that the sky is missing, houses have glitchy textures above them that stretches to the sky, the stone of the well is floating, and other kinds of stone/rock texture is also floating. I have tried both full and lite versions. And I have downloaded the patch. Nothing seems to work.

Is this a known issue? If so, how do I solve it?
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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by Colerx »

^^ did you use the heretic wad? there shouldn't be other files other that those included in the package and the wad itself .
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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by neto592 »


First I want to thank you for delivering this amazing Heretic Mod and unites two of my passions (Heretic and Diablo saga).

I also would like to make a question.
Assassin▒ An expert killer Once hired by the Zakarum, Now summoned to hunt the Three prime evils, Once Trained to hunt down rogue Mages, and Heretics. These Expert and fast killers, Never eat, Never sleep, and They never.... stop..
Since it was not mentioned any resistance nor weakness could I assume that the assassin hasn't neither of them?
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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by Joyson »

Can you release a version that just includes the weapon mods monster mods and item mods please? I'm not interested in the town, or the levels, or the stat system, or the classes. I really just want to be able to use obsidian to generate procedural dungeons and run through them with dungeons and dragons style weapons and monsters. Thanks
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Re: IronTusks - Diablo3D V1.2.25 + Patch (Links UPDATED)

Post by Nomakh »

Where did I go so wrong?

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "woc_v3hereticpatch.pk3:players2.txt" line 5:
Unexpected '209' in definition of 'NewFighterPlayerHeretic'

Gzdoom 4.7.1

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