Doom II Dark World

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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by 0mrcynic0 »

Hellser wrote:Glad you're enjoying it! There has been a little progress with some of the later maps - but will take a while before anything is posted. Currently I'm in the process of moving and have little time to do any sort of mapping. So, as it stands, any feedback is worth it. The other members of the team are eye balling this thread for inspiration with fixing their existing maps and making later maps better.
The city maps of Doom 2 Reloaded and Doom Tribute look nice and detailed. You might find some inspirations from those.
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by Amuscaria »

Just beat it on UV without a hitch. A solid fun map set. Plenty of ammo and health with secrets (a bit on the excessive side for me), and action and flow was good. Maps look very authentic to the Doom 2 style and would pass for official maps if I didn't get it here. I found no glaring problems with any of the maps. Overall a far superior map set to the originals while staying faithful to them. Looking forward to more, if there will be. :)
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by ReformedJoe »

Just started playing this. You "got" me 2 times so far:
These maps work very well because they play off of player assumption. If you play based on knowledge of the vanilla maps, it might get you in trouble. It's like playing through the front half of DOOM 2 for the very first time again... which is genius in a meta sort of way. Definite thumbs up!
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by CD-Roman »

Maps are REALLY nice, just NEW OLD MAPS. Please make more :)

Some screenshots
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by Lopes »

This is really just... Amazing!!
I love this kind of level sets that take the original ones and make them harder and different!
It all started with Doom 2 Remix: Earth on Hell, but that one is outdated and the monsters always turn into ammo if you use other mods :\ (Dehacked, I know)

Congrats on this and I look forward to seeing more levels being made! Projects like these are amazing.
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by manmoth »

Made an account to say how much I enjoyed these levels. Seriously, I had such a blast, thanks so much!
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by DavidN »

I'm glad you bumped the topic, because I got to revisit this and it's great! I hadn't realized when I began that I'd played the first level before, maybe when this was an early demo? But I love how you've taken the themes from the Doom 2 levels and reworked them into different challenges.

I was surprised by the sudden difficulty spike at the end of the Crusher equivalent - say what you like about my Doom abilities (and people often do), but there was a noticeable gap between being like an enhanced Doom 2 for veterans of the game, and then being incredibly tough going from the arena room onwards. I love the transformation as the room crumbles, though.

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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by FrankADG »

I really hope to see complete megawad with 32 levels.
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by Hellser »

Currently we're planning up to MAP20. If we were to go up to Map32, I'd feel that we might need to start heavily modifying the later maps. In our opinion, Doom 2 starts strong then ends weak. I would imagine that we need to go bigger or take the idea of a map and expand upon it, while trying to keep the route taken as similar as possible. That, my friends, is the real challenge with these later maps.

I've got The Inmost Dens (Map14) and The Citadel (Map19) complete. Map12 is under construction by Trance, Map13 and Map15 has been claimed by my fellow mappers. Map20 has been claimed by yours truly. We approach this project a couple months at a time. Burn out is a terrible thing, and no one wants to deal with that. Just be patient.

I'm also considering of tweaking my earlier maps to make the encounters more fun and to help reduce Doors with Health issues. But as always, feedback is very much important. If there's any bugs that you might encounter, please report it to us.

Also, if you can, test these out under PrBoom+, Eternity or any other Boom Compatible source port and let us know of any bugs that persist from GZDoom. GZDoom is only emulating Boom compat, it might need a kick in the rump for some bugs.
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by Van Daemon »

I've played this some days ago and I had so much fun but more maps would be cool ! :mrgreen:
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by vitriolicv »

I am a person who plays slowly and likes to take in every detail. I'm at MAP03. So far, loving everything I've seen. It feels like, to me, the Doom 2 setting, but corrupted by Hell at a very early stage in the game, rather than waiting for the later maps.
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Re: Doom II Dark World

Post by m1lk »

Dark World + HD Textures + Dark Ambient Music = perfect!

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