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Captain Ventris
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Captain Ventris »


She’s helped with every project I’ve ever done and I even thought of her and how unjust the world was to her when writing my novel.

I learned this morning and it’s only starting to process now.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by lizardcommando »

Damn, that sucks. I remembered seeing some of her stuff on the "What Are You Making?" thread. They were always really neat to look at.

EDIT: :shock: Oh, I forgot that she helped out a little bit with some of the coding for my Lizard Squad mod.

My condolences to her friends and family.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Sarah »

My condolences. That is very tragic to hear. I'm certain Kate has helped me with something at some point. A sad day here indeed!
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Scripten »

My condolences to everyone surrounding this tragedy.

I was not particularly close to Kate; like Caligari, we only played in the ZDRPG together for a hot second. That said, I am heartbroken on a personal level by her passing. I very much enjoyed her cheerful spirit and all of the contributions she gave to the community. She will dearly be missed.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Darsycho »

Shit man, that really blows.

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by SamVision »

Too sudden man. I loved her work, it was always really unique.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by TheAdmantArchvile »

I... damn. That's horrible. I never really talked to her but I liked the mods she made. Kate was a real ingenious type. She will be missed.

I just hope Bouncy's alright. Shit like this, I wouldn't wish on anyone. If you're reading this and you need to say something, I'm all ears.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by DoomRater »

If I were still living in Michigan I would have wanted to donate my time towards helping them get back on their feet. This is just painful to hear about- only now am I thinking about what I would want to do to help out considering I'm nowhere near Michigan anymore.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Sh4d0wS14d3 »

I've been a lurker more than anything, but I remember spending a lot of time following her works in particular. Crazy Kate and Lizard Squad were two particular mods that reminded me that MS Paint was a valid choice in making proper sprites, and it could look great if you put the time in it. (And reading previous comments, I didn't even realize that Kate helped with Lizard Squad, let alone so many other mods that I've enjoyed playing with friends and family.)

I didn't get very far in my efforts, and I ended up sticking to short personal edits to other people's works instead - but she got me to pick up SLADE and try it out for myself, in an attempt to see if I could figure out how to do those awesome things that she did.

She inspired me to work on Doom modding and I never even met her. I can't imagine the effect she had on those that did.

Rest in peace, Kate.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Kostov »

Heard about her on a few occasions. Rest in peace!
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Mere_Duke »

There are little girls out here in community. I've heard about Kate some times, saw her name credited and thought "Wow! A girl creating such a nice stuff, brilliant!"
And here is the news so sad...

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Ethril »

oh no
I don't even know how else to react to this, just a sincere oh noooo
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by MrJohnny »

Wow, reading this was a real shocker. I didn't know her on a personal level or anything, but I've been lurking around here long enough to see the influence she's had on the community throughout the years. We exchanged PMs a couple of times as well. She seemed like a real swell person. Thanks Kate, and may you rest in peace.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by dljosef »

Ok, I'll admit that I'm not really the kind of guy who showed up too much (except for the occasional reporting of bugs in mods and whatnot), but damn... I send my condolences to Kate's friends and family.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Xaser »

I've been kinda staring at this thread for several days now, unsure of what to write. I've tried a few things, but the words invariably turn hollow once they hit the page.

I'm not sure how clear this has ever been made in "public", as it were, but Kate and I were practically siblings, for lack of a better phrasing. We grew up together along with a few other goofballs (both old and new), and despite all outside logic, we formed a tight-knit circle of genuinely good people (who have been invaluable in keeping me sane throughout all this, srsly thank you all) -- this is all thanks to her, really. She was the group's anchor, and her presence had always been this sort of comforting constant, whether I'd noticed it or not.

The darker side is that we were cast very different lots in life, and in recent years, I'd kinda drifted away -- not completely, but it hit a point where I just wasn't sure how best to connect, so I shied away. She had support from certain awesome people, and things were looking up for her towards the end, and I'd just always had it in the back of my mind that there would be some magical future time where everything would all get patched up and we'd meet up and have fun just being. Instead, time ran out. I just wish we had more time. Is it selfish to think of things this way? I'm not even sure.

I wasn't sure what I wanted this post to be when I started typing it out (for the six trillionth time), and I'm still not sure what it is now. I'm just not convinced it's possible in one forum post to describe how much Kate meant to those who knew her, or even accurately convey an iota of her greatness in a way that makes sense to human brains. I'm not sure if this is a eulogy, or a lament, or a cautionary tale, or just the insane ramblings of a madman (well, it's definitely that one). Either way, they're not the words I want to write. What I'd really like to say is "Hey, welcome back!", in some alternate timeline where none of this occurred. There's some sneaky irony to this illogical thought-train that's making me want to facebash my keyboard, so shoutouts to all 3 or so of you who understand it.

I won't end this with a "goodbye", because I can't right now. Maybe the closest thing I can manage is a "Thanks, Kate, for being Kate." She was love and life, and deserved the maximum amount of both these things. Now she's just love.

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