How do I a perfect forcefield?

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How do I a perfect forcefield?

Post by AtomicLugia »

I'm recreating the ForceField from Unreal. I'ts almost like the original. It works but it has some issues. First, the autoaim is targeting it (and it's not a monster) and second, it can be placed at the same spot multiple times (even though that they're solid) via the inventory item.

Here's the DECORATE:

Code: Select all

Actor ALDM-ForceField : CustomInventory 31043
	Tag "Force Field"
	Inventory.Icon ARTIFFGN
	Inventory.PickupMessage "Picked up a force field generator."
	Inventory.PickupSound "Pickups/Inventory"
	Inventory.UseSound "ForceField/Use"
	Inventory.Amount 1
	Inventory.Maxamount 5
	Inventory.InterHubAmount 5
		FFGN ABCD 10 Bright
		TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx("ForceField",48,0,8,0,0,0)

Actor ForceField
	Game Doom
	Radius 16
	Height 56
	Speed 0
	RenderStyle Add
		FFLD A 0 Bright
		FFLD A 0 Bright A_PlaySoundEx("ForceField/Active","Weapon",1)
		FFLD ABC 7 Bright
		FFLD D 9 Bright
		FFLD E 7 Bright
		FFLD F 6 Bright
		FFLD G 7 Bright
		FFLD LMNO 4 Bright
Is there another way to make it block hitscan attacks without the +SHOOTABLE flag?
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Re: How do I a perfect forcefield?

Post by Blue Shadow »

AtomicLugia wrote:the autoaim is targeting it (and it's not a monster)
Set the [wiki=Actor_flags#NOTAUTOAIMED]NOTAUTOAIMED[/wiki] flag on forcefield actor.

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