English thread. Why not?

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Re: English thread. Why not?

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And just to add to that, hearing someone refer to a boarding gate or a boarding lounge wouldn't be that unusual either.

Railway platform is more correct than boarding platform (though, as has been said, just platform is in common use). However, at a station, it wouldn't be unusual to hear an announcement like "the 3:15 for London is now boarding at platform one." You might also hear equivalent announcements for planes and gates at an airport.
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Re: English thread. Why not?

Post by Ravick »

Thank you all a lot for the detailed answers! :D
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Re: English thread. Why not?

Post by AmissaAnima »

Living in Sweden i don't use the English language very often unless i'm met with people that aren't speaking Swedish but during those type of encounters i tend to be caught off guard and fumble around with my words, Which actually happened a day or so ago it was a lil bit embarrassing i'm not gonna lie, But any way i find it easier to speak english rather than writting it as thanks to not being an native English speaker i more often than not mess up writting words or figuring out what the correct pronunciation is, I do find myself using google more often than not if i'm unsure if what i write is correct or not which has happened more and more times recently embarrassingly enough.

And before i forget i picked up interest for the english language when i was in the third/fourth grade during my earlier days of school but they could only teach me a couple of things which left me unsatisfied as i strived to expand my knowledge further which lead me to playing more and more videogames and chatting with people and overtime i became quite great on english despite being a native swede.

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