[WIP] Sun Damage Omen : Version 0.7c

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Captain J
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Re: [WIP] Sun Damage Omen : Version 0.7c

Post by Captain J »

Ferretmanjcdenton wrote:Hey there ...what Happened with the amazing'modern' weapons...are they available somewhere?
You probably have to PM Railgunner: the original author of... Well, the mod for this mod. It's been worked on by the different author and the latest reply is 2 years old... I'm afraid you accidentally caused the necro-bump.

... But fear not! I was about to suggest something for the mod and see if DoukDouk is still active:

- So the Hitscans are all Projectile now, and you can manually set the speed too! That's great. But i would like to adjust mine, but not the enemy's. Hope there's a way to separate and adjust the bullet speed.

- I think melee kick on Buzzsaw quite makes the saw weaker, especially if you're on Berserk. Maybe add some kind of power attack for the saw? Or add some visual differences without changing the damage or the speed?
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Re: [WIP] Sun Damage Omen : Version 0.7c

Post by Dr_Cosmobyte »

I am going to ride the train too:

Would you allow me to work these enemies for a Standalone patch? They are really good.
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Re: [WIP] Sun Damage Omen : Version 0.7c

Post by DoukDouk »

Ahh cripes! I just so happened to peruse this forum and see my thread updated!

Sorry for the very long delay, everyone! For anyone wondering on the status, I am hard at work on the successor (or prequel?) to this mod, an episode-length TC that utilizes the same damage output, weapon feedback, and fast-paced blood-soaked carnage theme as this one. Expect it to be released at some point this fall 2020, possibly earlier, if my mapping chops improve. Keep an eye out for "Fire At Will", chapter 0 of the Solar Saga!

Captain J, the different bullet velocities is a great idea. I'll mark it as a to-do for the next version. Should be easy enough to implement. The saw is in an odd place; seeing how this gameplay mod was sort of a stopgap between vanilla and my imagined TC, it will basically become the default melee weapon. The kick was intended as a quick compatible fix, but a power attack similar to a berserked fist is what I originally had in mind. Of course if you include that with the gameplay mod, you run into balance issues, etcetera etcetera... Rest assured the weapon balance will be much more fine-tuned in the TC.

Cosmobyte, feel free to use whatever from this mod! I just ask that you give proper credit! RNG is the mastermind behind the majority of the sound design, and most of the sprites are from the Demonicron anyhow. All I did was mix the ingredients together and provide the coding brew!

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