[Release] Scattered Evil for Hexen (new version Mar 20)

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Re: [Release] Scattered Evil for Hexen (new version Mar 20)

Postby AvzinElkein » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:08 pm

So it's not meant to be played in GZDoom 4.0.0?
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Re: [Release] Scattered Evil for Hexen (new version Mar 20)

Postby Frozenwolf150 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:25 pm

rambo wrote:Questions to your questions/feedback:

* Timon's Axe has a base damage of 40-62, Axe of the Depths has a base damage of 105-140. What is your feeling, how much should the Axe of the Depths base damage be increased to feel like a worthwile weapon? Its design is by purpose that it's very slow, but it should be so strong you want to use it all the same.

After playing around with Axe of the Depths more, I think the issue is more aesthetic rather than functional. The attack animation makes it look like the Fighter is just lightly waving the axe in front of himself like a feather duster, and it's not a satisfying swing like Timon's Axe. This does affect gameplay, as it's hard to tell when the strikes are going to connect, and timing is crucial with the Fighter because he needs to dart in and out of range quickly.

rambo wrote:* Regarding the player cough in poison clouds: was it always the same monster type? Also, were you poisoned yourself at the time?

I had the icon of defender active at the time, so the poison shouldn't have affected my Cleric. I'm not entirely sure what specific monster types caused this, though I was able to reproduce it fairly consistently through regular use of the spell.

rambo wrote:* Exterior of Hedyntin Citadel: The invisible blocks should stop monster movement the same as missiles (they are transparent 3D cubes in the air). Can you tell about where you experienced this?

It seems to happen every single time I go through Hedyntin Citadel, and always with the dark bishops and dark cardinals. It looks as though they're spawning outside the blocks. I did not see any of the afrits or dark clergy start on the inside and then move through the barrier.
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Re: [Release] Scattered Evil for Hexen (new version Mar 20)

Postby Beezle » Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:53 pm

AvzinElkein wrote:So it's not meant to be played in GZDoom 4.0.0?

No, it comes bundled with Vavoom. Still plays great though :)
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Re: [Release] Scattered Evil for Hexen (new version Mar 20)

Postby Frozenwolf150 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:02 am

Forgot to mention this anomaly in the player's inventory.

A crate of icons of the defender can be purchased at Neusus for 625 gold. However, the total you get depends on the current amount in your inventory. If the amount is nonzero, you end up with 12 total. If the amount is zero, you end up with 25.
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Re: [Release] Scattered Evil for Hexen (new version Mar 20)

Postby rambo » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:03 pm

This is a minor bugfix/tuning release that is 100% compatible with existing 1.6 savegames. Get it from SourceForge or ModDB.

This patch includes all changes from the 1.6.1 patch as well (entries marked with asterisk). This patch can be installed on any Scattered Evil 1.6 full installation, regardless of whether it has been patched to 1.6.1 previously or not.


New features:
  • Brand new Torch using a colored dynamic light
  • New menu option to set hotkeys for all common artifacts
  • Setup utility for Windows to set game resolution and specify IWAD location*

Bugs fixed:
  • Exotic Dancer in the F.L.C. getting stuck in a conversation loop when Moral Alignment is set to Good
  • Purchasing a crate of Icons of the Defender in Neusus adding incorrect amount to inventory
  • Krater of Might not giving red mana*
  • Travel by boat missing sky texture*
  • Size of Librarian Stryker in Thystes*
  • Arsenal and Spellbook displaying the same information more than once*
  • Conversation with Sir Billiam in Nolcormu crashing the game*
  • Mana cubes dropped by monsters giving 1 mana instead of 15*

  • Magic/Faith/Battle Rage regeneration now based on the pool size and using a new formula that should allow for a smoother ramp up when adding Charisma points
  • Swing timing for Axe of the Depths tweaked
  • Axe of the Depths base damage doubled
  • Monsters damaged by Axe of the Depths can now be thrown back a significant distance
  • Chilling Touch base damage tripled
  • Torch duration increased to 30 seconds
  • Player inventory now holds up to 50 Torches at a time
  • Reorganizing the Main and Options menus
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