[UPDATED] ZDoom32 2.8.5 (ZDoom is undead)

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Re: [UPDATED] ZDoom32 2.8.5 (ZDoom is undead)

Postby drfrag » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:52 am

As you know old versions no longer compile and run with VS 2017 and the v141 toolset so i've reported the previous crash as a bug in the C++ compiler. With the latest version (15.8.4) there's a new crash in p_setup.cpp at line 4091 (times[16].Clock();) so i reverted the previous hack in gl_setup.cpp.
The issue is supposed to be under investigation:
https://developercommunity.visualstudio ... ut-no.html

> zdoom.exe!P_SetupLevel(const char lumpname, int position) Line 4091 C++
zdoom.exe!G_DoLoadLevel(int position, bool autosave) Line 1007 C++
zdoom.exe!G_InitNew(const char mapname, bool bTitleLevel) Line 542 C++
zdoom.exe!G_DoNewGame() Line 367 C++
zdoom.exe!G_Ticker() Line 1073 C++
zdoom.exe!TryRunTics() Line 1946 C++
zdoom.exe!D_DoomLoop() Line 1016 C++
zdoom.exe!D_DoomMain() Line 2673 C++
zdoom.exe!DoMain(HINSTANCE hInstance) Line 1074 C++
zdoom.exe!WinMain(HINSTANCE__ hInstance, HINSTANCE_ nothing, char cmdline, int nCmdShow) Line 1329 C++

- times[16] {Counter=0 } cycle_t
Counter 0 _int64
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Re: [UPDATED] ZDoom32 2.8.5 (ZDoom is undead)

Postby TDRR » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:43 pm

Hey drfrag, can you add support for my backport of The Adventures of Square? It can be identified by the lumps SQU-SWE1(.txt) and E2A1(no extension). (same as those used to recognize the unmodified version) and is named square186.pk3

It would be nice if you also put this in ZDoom LE.

The difference in speed for relatively old machines is incredible, in GZDoom the speed is basically unplayable in E2, and here it's running at around 20fps at worst, which is pretty playable, everything considered.
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