[WIP] KEYMASTER - a tiny gameplay mod

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Re: [WIP] KEYMASTER - a tiny gameplay mod

Post by Neophyte_Ronin »

I should note that I played Project Brutality that time and it occasionally occurs once the target is beaten and the Key is meant to gravitate to your position. Someone said the tic checks can be adjusted to accommodate for Project Brutality from 2 to 4 (though I am unsure if this is a perfect solution).

I played the La Tailor Girl mod through vanilla Doom II and found no trouble.
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Re: [WIP] KEYMASTER - a tiny gameplay mod

Post by Someone64 »

Playing Project Brutality and other BD derivatives with KEYMASTER may be a bad idea BTW. If you do want to do that, all you have to do is add -ISMONSTER to the explosive barrel's flags (in the fireworks decorate file). If you don't, it will assign a barrel as a keymaster which will suck. This is also an issue with mods that have ammo spawners and monster spawners (meaning the spawner will get left behind as an invisible thing and then get marked as an unkillable keymaster) that are flagged as monsters for some stupid reason (and they do exist but I can't remember which ones).

As for the tic change part, that's only to delay keymaster from selecting a keymaster. The reason you'd want to do this is that PB takes a tic or 3 to spawn its monsters so if keymaster selects a keymaster before the monsters are actually properly spawned, things will fuck up.
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Re: [WIP] KEYMASTER - a tiny gameplay mod

Post by Neophyte_Ronin »

I found the the on one of those skulls set upon the stick--those five skulls. I laughed. I didn't die inside or anything. If what you say is true, then the Key can be set to Friendly-Flagged Actors, but I never saw the Key on a Captured Marine or a Barrel, and this is the very latest Project Brutality Beta I found online--the one that gave the M2 Plasma Rifle an Upgrade that shoots hit-scan Lightning shots--and everything is somewhat in the jank territory anyway.

I did play with La Tailor Girl and nothing adverse occurred. When the Keymaster dies in Project Brutality, it might freeze up. It's a good mod, but it needs cleaning up in its code since it was JPL's first ones (and it's a very good concept).
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Re: [WIP] KEYMASTER - a tiny gameplay mod

Post by wildweasel »

If it does not already, the script should be set to only give Keymaster status to a monster that is both +ISMONSTER and +COUNTKILL. That way it will not apply to "non-combatants" - like, for example, ww-terror hostages.

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