No music playback

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Certainly Syrix
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No music playback

Post by Certainly Syrix »

I'm not able to hear any music in gzdoom-g3.0pre-181-g1767dd6, on the titlescreen or when I launch a new game. Game and menu sound seem to be working perfectly fine though. I haven't changed any settings aside from raising the resolution and setting it to fullscreen.

Here is a screenshot of the console:
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Graf Zahl
Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: No music playback

Post by Graf Zahl »

... and that screenshot clearly states what is missing. Apparently you switched your MIDI device without setting up the one that was selected.
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Re: No music playback

Post by _mental_ »

I guess MIDI device was switched automatically from Sound System to FluidSynth.
Download appropriate FluidSynth DLL from Downloads section and this file.
Put them to folder with GZDoom executable.

These files will be added to devbuilds but for now you need to do this by hand.

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