D4T (New v2.5 Trailer pg 47)

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Major Cooke
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Re: [WIP] Death Foretold (D4T)

Post by Major Cooke »

Bear in mind, addon devs, in no way will your addons be compatible with this at all.

inb4 "THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOU-" Can it. Until I see a whole month go by without somebody asking me if D4D is compatible with brutal doom, I have every right to say it.

I am also not part of this development, so please redirect any questions to DBThanatos, please and thank you.
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Re: [WIP] Death Foretold (D4T)

Post by goanna678 »

can we play it with ketchup?
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Re: [WIP] Death Foretold (D4T)

Post by Overlord »

goanna678 wrote:can we play it with ketchup?
maybe not cuz DBT have his own gore system
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Re: [WIP] Death Foretold (D4T)

Post by Aethun »

Oh fuck! Holy Shit!! ():)
Smartphones in flames!! yeah! multiplayer in the work :mrgreen: :rock: :cheers:
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Re: [WIP] Death Foretold (D4T)

Post by DBThanatos »

Stuka wrote:"To play in older potatoes" you bought me
Heheh. I still have to try it in a very weak pc, but it seems to perform much better thant that other D4 project I did

JohnnyTheWolf wrote:So greater multiplayer focus aside, this is essentially D4D "Lite"? I am curious to see the new monster and weapon balance in action.
I wont call it that. This, while very similar at first, it's a completely separate mod with a completely different focus in general.
Captain J wrote:Now that's smooth, agile, sassy and fast enough than D4D itself! Also i see you finally used the Doom 2016 sound effects as well. Yes, that's the reason why i'm hyped as well!
Heheh. Well, it sure plays fast.
Vaecrius wrote:
Gameplay much more streamlined, no more "which key to open the menu #307?"
So basically D4D but without the thing that keeps me from playing D4D. :shock:

You have my attention.
I figured some people could be put off by having 500 options and I dont know how many menus, and 10 new keybinds. So all that is gone. This is a case of "plug and play", except for the few keys you do need to bind
Vaecrius wrote:
Jeimuzu73 wrote:Call me a grammar Nazi, but your video captions should read fewer weapons/effects/configurations instead of less. Less is usually used for uncountable nouns; fewer is used for countable nouns.
Scientifically proven no one ought to care.
That was one very interesting read. I'll use it from now on whenever someone brings this up :P
Overlord wrote:
goanna678 wrote:can we play it with ketchup?
maybe not cuz DBT have his own gore system
Well, this project barely has any gore system. There's xdeaths that spawn gibs, and "new" blood sprites, but nothing else. So maybe it could be possible to use another gore system, although I will put zero effort to make it compatible with other mods. If it happens to be compatible, that'd be great, but only a coincidence.

@Everyone else: thanks for the interest. I hope you'll enjoy it once it's out.
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by jckfrbn »

2 very quick questions,

1. Will there be some sort of scoring system like arcade mode in d4?

2. And will we see a rudimentary system for dealing with custom mobs from older wads? (If not for whats above for the chainsaw or executions?)
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by Kazudra »

Oh yes, It's almost time for some D4 style invasion!
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by tsukiyomaru0 »

Goddamn, son! I love that HUD!
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by Ardeshir »

Sooo...can we expect a release for the New Year ? :D
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)


When is out?
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by wildweasel »

It won't do any good to ask for release dates. Remember, this is a hobby project, to be worked on and released only with its author(s) decide they want to. It'd be best not to irritate them by asking for release dates a bunch of times.
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by DIMOShunter »

so i wil kick some cyberdemon ass in my phone yeah!
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Captain J
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by Captain J »

I definitely can see this project is getting a lot of hype like Doom 2016, good times. But hey, patience makes it batter, lads!
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by Machine-Reaper »

That super smooth, fast FPS gameplay in the video, is that really how fast the game is or just editing?
Trump Stumper
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Re: [WIP] D4T: Death Foretold (Doom4 mod for Android!)

Post by Trump Stumper »

I think this subproject of D4D is pretty awesome.

I hope I don't get in trouble for saying this, but while D4D was pretty cool, as a proof of concept, Zion v8 was actually a little bit more fun to play with due to it seemingly being more oriented towards fast and furious combat.

I have to admit that there were some weapons in D4D that were almost complete showstoppers when they got autoselected. Having to take the time to hide Doomguy somewhere and select a different weapon in the middle of combat is not always a fun thing to have to do.

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